Finding best packaging companies in Austarlia

Packaging Partners: Finding the Best Packaging Companies for Your Business

Apr 04, 2024Sean Downs

When planning what kind of packaging to use, you must choose a supplier that can provide you with options that preserve, protect and present your products beautifully. 

Every supplier has its pros and cons. It’s important to assess their differences and how they can best help your company.

This blog will guide you in finding the best packaging companies for your business.

Tips for Choosing Top Packaging Partners

Quality of Packaging Materials

Aside from providing a visual aesthetic, packaging supplies protect the products during display or shipping. Customer satisfaction is very important and depends on how you present and protect your product.

Different material options impact the presentation. If your branding focuses on luxury, your box may need a premium look, or if you want to display your commitment to sustainability, recycled, paper, or cardboard packaging may be more appropriate.

Always remember that durability and practicality should be your priority in determining what type of packaging you need.

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Check for Quality Control and Structural Integrity

It is standard operating procedure for packaging suppliers to test their products in terms of support, durability, and protection.

You can ask the manufacturer what kind of tests they carry out tests for their materials. For instance, companies that offer boxes made of corrugated components must conduct an Edge Crust Test (ECT) or Burst Strength Test (Mullen).

Design Expertise

The design of your box helps bring your packaging to life. A company that has an in-house design and printing team shows their commitment to providing customisable solutions for different kinds of businesses - e-commerce, retail and boutique stores to name some.

Here at NEON, we specialise in high-quality CMYK printing for our customisable magnetic gift boxes and premium gift bags have a matte finish that perfectly complements our printing technique to give you a vivid and sharp customised product hamper.

We specify printing requirements for the customisable boxes and bags to ensure that your chosen artwork or design is printed without being cut off or pixelated.

Assess Their Sustainability

One indicator that a company is good to partner with is its effort to create ecologically sustainable products. Do not rely on their product descriptions and the jargon they use. Certain organisations provide certifications to companies that abide by sustainable practices for production. 

NEON Packaging is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO). APCO is a non-profit group that partners with corporations to design boxes, bags and containers that are recyclable, reusable and compostable. They also work with companies to streamline their production process and strategies for recycling their package materials.

Always check the company’s website and do your research to double-check the certifications that they claim to have.

Ensure That Their Materials Come From Responsible Sources

Some companies are not fully transparent about their raw materials and this can have implications on consumer’s perception of your brand. Not all suppliers prioritise eco-friendly materials and processes, so it is best to ask first what kind of credo their manufacturing abides by. 

NEON is a member of the Australian Bioplastics Association. This association ensure that all packaging supplies that claim to be compostable, such as our Biodegradable Cellulose Tape, are in fact compostable. Our tape is made from natural cellulose film and natural plant-based adhesive. 

Additionally, some of our cardboard and paper-based supplies are all approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. These FSC-certified products are indicated with labels on our website.

Reasonable pricing structure

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. It’s not always wise to sacrifice quality for the sake of your budget. To make your product boxes and bags more cost-effective, choose a supplier that can give premium quality products at a wholesale pricing. Here at NEON, we provide competitive pricing for wholesale orders of packaging supplies in Melbourne and Sydney.


There are several factors to consider when searching for a company to provide your business with boxes, bags and containers for your product or events. This guide provides some of the essential things you need to remember when choosing a company for packaging supplies in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney to partner with. 

It’s also helpful to remember that many consumers nowadays are eco-conscious and would like to practice sustainability even in the simplest way like repurposing a box into a home or kitchen storage.

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