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Business owners constantly face price increases with raw materials, logistics, and shipping fees. In addition, they also struggle to look for boxes and bags that do not exceed their budget. 

The industry’s evolution now offers businesses various choices that cater to their products and branding. Choosing the best type for your company to optimise your business operations will help reduce outgoing costs. 

This blog will share strategies that will reduce your business’s packaging costs.

Smart Strategies for Lowering Packaging Expenses

Improve Your Warehouse’s Layout

Evaluate how your packing items are organised and stored. It would be helpful to group materials based on their common components. You can also separate packing materials that are used sparingly. This will lead to a streamlined layout that minimises waste movement, space, and resources used. Properly stored containers will help you create a more efficient packing line.

NEON Packaging’s magnetic boxes and premium paper bags are delivered flat-packed and easy to assemble. This makes it easier for you to store our materials in your warehouse or storage area. They are also available for wholesale orders. NEON offers competitive pricing for bulk orders to make packing more cost-efficient for you.

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Lessen Dimensional Weight

One thing companies tend to overlook is the dimensional weight of their boxes. Dimensional weight refers to the space taken up by the packaging itself and not how heavy it is. This impacts the shipping cost even though the companies ship relatively lightweight and small items. 

NEON’S magnetic gift boxes give your product hampers a sophisticated presentation, ensuring that your customers are pleased to receive them. For worry-free product shipping, we highly recommend using our diamond protect hex wrap and kraft paper wrapping rolls. They are made with 80 gsm paper - thick enough to protect the items without being bulky.

Our self-locking mailer boxes that are size-matched to the premium magnetic gift boxes. They were designed to protect your products in the mail. The unique self-locking design ensures the boxes stay closed, and the thick, double-walled cardboard absorbs impact and is resistant to being squashed.

Observe good practices

When customers receive damaged products, it will negatively impact your business. The expenses paid for shipping the item become a loss and your customers can develop negative perceptions of your business.

To make it more durable, we have product fillers that double as protectors that maintain your product’s quality no matter where they are shipped. NEON’s compostable void filler cushions are 25 microns thick and help absorb the shock when boxes move around during shipping. They are 100% compostable and can withstand heat up to a certain extent.

NEON Packaging also offers diamond-protect hex wrap and kraft paper wrapping roll are eco-friendly alternatives to bubble wrap. They can also be used with our wholesale paper bags. Both are made with 80gsm paper without any additives and coating making your product container recyclable and sustainable!

Diversify Your Materials

There are many choices for boxing and bagging materials recently - plastic alternatives, recycled corrugated cardboard, sustainably sourced materials, and multipurpose components. 

Diversifying means using boxes, bags, and containers that are lightweight, environmentally friendly, and secure. With packaging made from the lightweight material, you reduce the weight of your package to optimise your courier costs. NEON’s paper bags in bulk are a space-efficient package option for your products.

Prioritise Sustainability In Your Packages

Many consumers nowadays like brands that use recyclable and reusable gift box packaging. Advocating for sustainability is necessary to grow your business because it means helping reduce the resources - light, water, and heat in the packing process. 

Most of our range of shipping boxes, bags, and void-fill packing materials are either reusable, recyclable, or compostable. Specific units are FSC-certified, assuring businesses and consumers that they are made with sustainable practices that do not endanger the environment in any way.

Most of our range of shipping boxes, bulk paper bags, and void-fill packing materials are either reusable, recyclable, or compostable. Specific units are


By implementing the smart strategies outlined above, businesses can not only reduce their expenses but also enhance their brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and environmental stewardship. These factors influence a business’s direction and growth which is why packaging strategy matters especially for small businesses.

Choosing the right materials, optimizing warehouse layouts, minimizing dimensional weight, adhering to good practices, diversifying materials, and prioritizing sustainability are all crucial steps toward achieving cost-effective and eco-conscious solutions.

The container selection will impact consumer perception because it creates the first impression on your customers when they receive your product hamper. You need to ensure that your chosen material reflects your brand values accurately.

NEON Packaging stands ready to support businesses in these endeavors with our range of innovative, customizable, and sustainable solutions.

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