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The colour white often symbolises cleanliness and peacefulness. Gone are the times that it’s considered a boring or plain colour. White’s simplicity makes it elegant. That’s why white gift boxes are perfect for occasions that represent love, joy and new beginnings. 

Attending a wedding, christening, anniversary or birthday soon? Learn how to choose the perfect white gift box with this blog.

Five Tips to Finding Your Ideal White Gift Box

1. Learn more about the occasion or event you’re attending

Double-check the details of the birthday, wedding or anniversary celebration you‘ll be attending. Details such as the theme will help you understand the celebration and make gift-related decisions that will align with the occasion.

For small businesses preparing for an event, white gift boxes can help your logo and business slogan stand out. The bright backdrop can complement your business’s colour scheme and make it easier for people to remember your brand.

NEON Packaging’s white gift boxes are sold plain. But, with our customised printing, you can design a unique gift box that shows thoughtfulness for the celebrant.

2. Consider your recipient’s interests or hobbies

Giving gifts centres around making another person happy. If you have decided to use a white box for your present, the contents must be linked to the interests of your receiver. The box may be simple but the items you curated are specially for them. This creates a sense of anticipation that makes them love your gift even more.

However, if you want to show your friend or loved one that you want them to receive an unforgettable gift, you can have artwork printed on the internal and external lid of NEON’s magnetic gift boxes. This is a perfect opportunity if your recipient has a favourite illustrator or painter.

With NEON’s CMYK printing, you can have a present box that is designed with a vivid image, communicating your best wishes to a friend or loved one very clearly.

3. Choose a sturdy box

Premium products or gifts deserve a premium box also. If your product hampers contain items stored in glass bottles, you will need a box that is strong enough to hold them. The same goes for gifts made of soft or easily bent materials.

The box you use should be reliable and durable. It should be made of materials that are not easily torn or crumpled. A secure locking mechanism is also needed if you’ll be shipping the gift boxes.

NEON’s magnetic gift boxes provide you with luxe present boxes that have a semi-matte finish and a strong magnetic closure. You are assured that your gifts are stored safely while still being presentable.

4. Make sustainability part of your gifting

Help advocate for our environment by choosing unique gift boxes that are 100% recyclable and reusable. Reusable gift boxes can serve other purposes like home storage, pen holder or trinket organiser. This reduces the gift box’s environmental impact.

Plain white gift boxes can also be reused for the next celebration or event, reducing the need for new packaging materials. Reusing present boxes lessens the amount of waste produced. NEON Packaging’s large gift boxes are made from sustainably sourced materials and can serve different purposes whether for home or office use.

5. Get the size that best suits your products or gifts

Our white magnetic gift boxes come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. The internal measurements are indicated in the box’s description following a LxWxH format. This guides you in selecting the appropriate size that will accommodate the items you plan to put inside the box.

NEON Packaging also offers size-matched self-locking mailer boxes that prevent any unwanted damage to your package during shipping.

To add protection to the box’s contents, you can pair our gift box packaging with NEON’S Acid-free tissue paper or hex wrap. Aside from adding to the pleasant aesthetics of your gift box or product hamper, they give an extra layer of protection.


White boxes are versatile choices for giving gifts, creating product hampers or sending PR packages. When presented properly, they can be impressive gift packaging. The simplicity of a white present box allows you to customise it accordingly, and create a memorable and meaningful presentation that resonates with the recipient. 

Whether it's a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or corporate event, NEON Packaging's white gift boxes provide a creative opportunity for customisation, allowing you to showcase your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

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