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Local businesses can have some of the most amazing concepts and advocacies but it comes with struggles as well. Depending on the location, the local market can be very competitive and this can present problems for a new startup trying to attract customers. 

But, with modern technology, creativity, and carefully planned product hampers or PR boxes, local businesses may stand a chance of winning people’s hearts. In connection with that, this blog post will talk about strategies to boost local business visibility and how gift box packaging can help.

Strategies for Boosting Business Visibility

Offer a Sampler Box

When there is something new in the market, people are interested but cautious. This is understandable especially if the business is new and does not have much feedback yet. Instead of seeing this as a setback, it can be an opportunity to showcase how your products can improve your customer’s lives by making a sampler box. 

As the name implies, the box will contain your company’s best-sellers or highly recommended products. A sampler box is highly beneficial in increasing visibility for brands that specialise in supplements, vitamins and other health-related products. For added impact, print your logo on the outer side of our gift boxes.

Design Your Box According to Packaging Trends

Depending on the industry your business belongs to, one way to catch people’s attention is to stay updated on packaging trends because they are an indicator of what most consumers would like to see on the boxes and bags of products that they buy. 

Your brand values will determine if your packaging should be minimalist, abstract or modern. You can also experiment with font types and sizes. Usually, large text paired with strong colours can attract attention if paired correctly. Explore colour and pattern combinations to give you more possibilities for your design. 

With NEON Packaging, you can personalise gift boxes and swing tags. With our high-quality printing process, you can get a vivid and sharp design printed on box lids and tags.

Include a Thank You Note For Every Purchase

You may think that’s common sense to leave a thank you note for every purchase made. However, not all thank yous are expressed in the same way. A thank you note is a chance to make your brand stand out and make your customers feel truly appreciated. 

With NEON’s customising options, you can either print a striking thank you note on the inner side of our premium magnetic gift box’s lid or use our swing tags printed with an attractive background to further emphasise your gratitude. 

Either way, full-colour CMYK printing is used and you will be given a product packaging that is vibrant and fully reflects what your brand stands for.

Leave a Coupon Discount For Their Next Purchase

NEON’ swing tags are not for short notes only. It can also double as a coupon. Including a discount voucher inside the gift box makes your customer happier and eager to repurchase from you. The discount is also a way of giving them a preview of the perks that your customers can enjoy if they choose to shop with you.

You can choose from three materials for our swing tags - standard uncoated paper, recycled kraft paper and premium textured paper. All of the material options are 300 GSM.

Encourage Communication by Sharing a Business Card

Another use for our swing tags is as an innovative business card. You can stand out by not just printing your contact details on the tag. It would resonate better if you included a two-liner about how comments and feedback are encouraged. This will show that you value your customer’s input and see them as partners in your business’s growth. 

Something as simple as a short message on a business card can make your customer’s unboxing experience one-of-a-kind.

Create Your Brand Stickers

A fun way to introduce your brand to younger generations is through customised stickers. NEON can print customised stickers for your business using high-quality CMYK printing. Our custom sticker printing uses square-sized adhesive material for these full-colour stickers.

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