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The Ultimate Guide to Personalised Gift Boxes

Apr 21, 2023Louise Edgecombe

Gift-giving is more than just an expression of generosity, it also demonstrates the bond between the giver and the receiver.  You may think thank it’s only the gift that matters when in fact the presentation can be just as important!

A personalised gift box is the best way to show the recipient or your guests that you value your relationship and give them a functional keepsake to remember the occasion. By taking the time to design or order a unique gift box you ensure your gift stands out and can strengthen the bond you have with those closest to you.

But what events can you use them for?  How can you choose the best one? With so many different options out there, let us show you why you should consider custom boxes and for what events they’re prefect for!

When to Use Personalised Gift Boxes

White personalised gift boxes

Custom gift boxes are perfect keepsakes for any event! Here are our favourite excuses to treat your friends, family, or colleagues to a personalised gift:

  • Events: Special events are the perfect reason to give custom gift boxes! Events such as a baptism, graduation, birthdays and anniversaries are some examples of great times to give unique and memorable gifts, so why not elevate the gift even further with a custom gift boxes.
  • Holidays: The holidays are universal occasions for gift giving. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day are some of the most universal holidays where people around the world come together to share gifts to show their appreciation for loved ones. A personalised gift box would be the icing on the cake to make it a memorable occasion!
  • Corporate Gifting: Corporate gift boxes can be used in many different ways from showing support and gratitude to exceptional employees, to thank valuable clients for their long-term business, or to send out to potential customers to show off your goods and services as a marketing tool. A premium magnetic gift box branded with the company logo can make a big impact and show that the business is proud of its branding and the work it does.
  • Just Because: Every person has a unique personality with hobbies and interests exclusive to them. Sometimes it’s nice to give someone a gift based on one of these traits, just because you can. This can in the form of a personalised magnetic gift box hamper with a collection of goodies relevant to their hobby or interests, or simple full of snacks or treats that you know they like. Every person bears a unique personality, and their interests or hobbies come with this.

Tips for Making Personalised Gift Boxes for Friends & Family

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Now that you have an idea of how to use personalised gift boxes, you may be wondering what to put inside. With limitless options it can be hard to choose what to include, so check out these suggestions!

  • Food: Everyone loves food; it’s the most common gift of them all. Snacks such as chocolates, dried fruit, and other sweets is a great treat for those with a sweet tooth, where nuts, chips, cheeses, and crackers can be a great option for those who prefer savoury snacks. Pair these off with a nice bottle of wine, spirits, or artisan cordial or juice and you have the perfect gift!
  • Self Care: Treat your besties to a self-care package with face masks, bath salts, bougie soaps and candles! With people working harder and longer than ever, it’s great to have an excuse to slow down and enjoy an evening in.
  • Homeware: Need something that can last a little longer? Try putting together a hamper of homeware such as drinking glasses, candles, coasters, and decorative ornaments such as ceramic animals or dishes to really impress the recipient!
  • Custom Gifts: Why not take it one step further with customised gifts that match your custom packaging! Include candles, champagne or drinking glasses, keychains, or phone cases customised with the recipient’s name for a truly memorable gift!
  • Handmade Crafts: A handmade or upcycled craft can be a great way to show your appreciation for friends and family! A hand knitted scarf or animal, origami creation, mini painting, or other crafts is a beautiful gift that can be cherished for many years to come!
  • Handwritten Notes: Now that you have an idea of what to include in your personalised gift boxes, why not add the finishing touch of a handwritten note or card! A special, heartfelt note is the perfect way to share your appreciation of friends, family, clients, or employees.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, Instagram, Etsy, and Pinterest are great sites to browse for fresh ideas. They have examples of every kind of hamper and gift you could possibly imagine so you’re guaranteed to find the inspiration you need!

Tips for Designing Personalised Gift Boxes for Kids

Children are the most frequent recipients of gifts. They’re also the ones who’ll love a customised gift box the most! When designing gift boxes for kids, the first thing to keep in mind is that the design must be appropriate for them. The best designs include their favourite superheroes, princesses, or cartoon characters, so get creative with the custom graphics on your boxes! Children love snacks and treats, toys, and colouring books so you can give them something useful, tasty, or entertaining in their gift boxes for the best reactions!

Tips for Designing Gift Boxes for Him

Men are often more difficult to shop for than women, which makes creating a custom design for their gift boxes a little more challenging. Picking a design that incorporates their personal hobbies or interests is a good start, so think about what they like to do in their spare time, what they like to snack on, or what sports they’re interested in when deciding on a design. Watches, t-shirts, mugs, sunglasses and colognes as well as a variety of snacks are often perfect gifts for men’s gift hamper!

Tips for Designing Gift Boxes for Her

gift boxes for her Peach gift box

There is no shortage of design ideas when it comes to women! Simply think of her favourite colour and incorporate that into her name written in a beautiful font that matches her aesthetic! Hand drawn illustrations are trendy now, so incorporating them into your custom design is a fantastic choice. Jewellery, self-care products, or some chocolates or cheese and wine are often great gift choices for your favourite lady.

Tips for Designing Gift Boxes for Couples

Creating a design for couples can be tricky as each individual can have very different aesthetics. You can try combining an important interest, hobby, or food type from each person into the design for your custom box. Another great idea is to create a line drawing from their favourite couples photo, or from a location where they had a great holiday together. Gifts that would go perfectly in a couples hamper would be groceries for a fancy cheese platter, a bottle of wine with customised wine glasses, or a photo album made with photos from their adventures together.


best gift boxes

Personalised boxes for gifts bring a breath of fresh air into any event and make the gift special for the recipient, who will be ecstatic that you went the extra mile to customise the box. Customised gift boxes and hampers can be difficult to put together, but the reaction from the recipient makes the extra effort worth it!

NEON eCommerce Packaging can help you with all your custom packaging needs! Our team of experts will help you adapt your design to get the best result for your business across are range of products including premium magnetic gift boxes, paper bags, ribbon, and tissue paper. Simply ask us how!

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