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Designing Eye-catching Paper Bags For Your Brand

May 01, 2023Sean Downs

Paper bags a strong trend in the current business world and it’s not slowing down any time soon! There are many reasons why this is the case both for the benefit of the business and the environment. These bags are biodegradable and 100% recyclable, which makes them far more eco-friendly than single use plastic bags. In fact, even the manufacturing process is better for the environment with scrap or waste materials being used to create the bags and water is collected to be used again. With many companies willing and excited to create and implement more environmentally friendly practices, these paper bags fit the bill!

As competition between businesses becomes more complex, it’s becoming more important than ever to have packaging and marketing that stands out. A well-designed paper bag could make all the difference! A clever iteration of your business logo, slogan, or colours is a great way to catch the attention of other shoppers and elevate the retail experience while bringing awareness to your brand. While being a handy way to transport goods, it doubles as advertising for your business!

But how can you create stylish and memorable paper gift bags? Here are some ideas for you!

Choosing the Right Paper Bag

Brown paper bags with twisted handles

Before you even consider the design to get printed on your eco-friendly paper bags, there are some other decisions to be made first.

  • Choose the right bag size: First, you must decide which size bags work the best with your products. It’s good to send your customers home with a bag that’s too small for your product where it could tear or become damaged. It’s also not good to provide a bag that’s too large for the product so they slip around in the bottom. Make sure you’ve measured your products and have carefully chosen the perfect sized bags to fit the product and multiples of the product for when the customer purchases more than one item. This sends a good message to the customer as you’ve taken the time to make sure your packaging works well with your products.
  • Choose the right shape: The shape of your bag can make a big difference in how your products are carried home. A landscape style paper bag is perfect for home goods such as sheets or flatware, however a portrait style paper bag is better suited for books and stationary.
  • Strength of the bag: Paper bags come in many strengths. Lightweight paper bags are great for jewellery, hair accessories, or other small retail goods. For heavier items, such as books, jars, or homeware, it’s import and to ensure you’ve chosen a bag with sturdy seams and handles to ensure it’s strong enough to transport the goods for a reasonable length of time, or if the intent is for these bags to be used again.
  • Base colour: Kraft paper bags are available most commonly in white and brown. White paper is great for a clean, more premium vibe where kraft brown is more earthy and tells a more eco-friendly story.

Designing Your Paper Bag

printed white paper bag with handle

Now that you’ve determined what size paper bags work for your products you can consider the design. Here are our favourite ways to customise kraft paper bags:

  • Patterns: Seamless or repeating patterns are perfect for these bags! Patterns can be made up of your company logo, pattern or slogan. You could also use an illustration of your best selling product printed in your company colours. The options are only as limited as your imagination!
  • Add your Logo: If patterns don’t suit your company, consider just printing a clean instance of your logo in the middle of the bag. If your logo is strong, this is all you need to gain the attention of potential customers and increase brand awareness. You can also add your company slogan or values, or add a QR code or link to your website. Customers can take the bags home and easily find you online, making them a powerful marketing tool.
  • What’s Inside: Another way to make your bags stand out is to add illustrations of what could be inside the bag. This is perfect if you’re selling or giving away sample or information packs to your customers or potential clients. This less common idea for customising paper bags is sure to stand out among the competition and draw the attention of potential customers!
  • Find a design that interacts with the bag’s handles: What is something that most paper bags have? Handles. So why not create a clever design that interacts with the handles of your bags? Your bag handles could become a dog’s leash, a skipping rope, an electrical cord, or spaghetti! Use your imagination to create an interactive design that will catch people’s attention and make them smile, or even laugh. If you can achieve this, anyone who sees your paper bags will think your brand is fun and original and will want to learn more about it!
  • Information: Paper bags are eco-friendly. They can be reused, and they can be recycled. But what if you could give your customers a good reason to want to keep your paper bags? Instead of simply printing out a decorative design on them, you could print out something useful that will allow people to reuse your bags in a different way. For example, one side of your paper bags could present a convenient calendar. Your bag could easily be transformed into a board game, a scale model, or a notebook. Think about what your business is selling and come up with a design idea that will make it possible for customers to transform your paper bags into fun and useful item that makes sense with your mission.
  • Seasonal Designs: Creating a holiday design can allow you to have some fun with your paper bags and is also a great way to advertise your business. Seasonal designs are sure to contribute to the holiday spirit and keep your customers coming back for more!

Always remember that when you design your bags, the more effort you put into making them stand out, the more marketing impact it will offer you and your business!


custom paper bags

Eco-friendly paper bags can be hugely beneficial for your business, and we at NEON eCommerce Packaging are proud to supply them to you! Our team of experts will help you adapt your design to get the best result for your business, simply ask us how!

NEON eCommerce Packaging is the perfect place to buy your brown or white paper bags with handles at wholesale prices, where the more your buy, the bigger the savings! We’ve done a lot of research to ensure we’re providing you with the best quality paper bags that will meet your durability and sustainability needs in Australia. What are you waiting for!? Contact us today to ask how we can work together to build greener practices within your business!

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