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Top 3 Benefits Of Using Paper Bags For Businesses

Mar 17, 2023Sean Downs

It’s a well-known fact that customers are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact and are demanding more and more transparency on the sustainability practices of large companies. This is why implementing eco-friendly practices can make your brand stand out from the rest! One such practice that’s easily implemented is switching from single-use plastic bags to paper bags.

Here are our top 3 reasons why you should start using it for your business:

Eco-Friendly Products Are Trendy

The first reason you should consider paper bags for your business is that they’re trendy! Consumers all around the world are actively looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, so they’re choosing to shop at places that share the same values. From using energy-efficient home appliances to boycotting single-use plastics, customers are choosing products that are better for the environment thanks to the easy availability of climate-change information.

Customers feel special when they get to leave with a fancy custom paper bag with a branded pattern. While these bags are trendy, they’re also practical because they come in many shapes, sizes, and strengths to suit the need of any product. The gusseted sides and flat bottoms create a lot of space inside to hold many items. It’s no surprise that businesses of all sizes are making the switch!

Available in many sizes, shapes, colours, and strength so that you can find the perfect bag for your products. For lighter items like jewellery or common stationary, a small lightweight bag would be perfect, but for heavier household items such as sheets or flatware, a large heavyweight bag is the way to go! Whatever your needs, whether they’re to be used for retail at boutiques or markets or for gifting, there is a paper bag to match!

Marketing & Branding Opportunities

Custom brown paper bags

Offer a unique marketing opportunity. With creative branding and your company logos printed on the bags, you can attract the attention of other shoppers in the centre. Curiosity will encourage them to search for your stall or shop to browse. These fancy, trendy bags will help you stand out from your competitors and help reinforce and expand your brand awareness and encourage customers to return for a repeat experience.

The only limits to the printed designs of your bags is your creativity! If you can design it, it can be printed! Unique designs help to cement your brand in the minds of your customers and keep them excited for more. With more and more companies providing this service, personalised paper bags have never been more affordable!

You can create unique designs for your bags to hand out at events, or when the holidays roll around! This will keep your customers coming back time and time again, both for your products and to see what kind of exciting packaging you have this time!

Give you a unique opportunity to communicate your brand story to your customers. Unleash your creativity with graphics, brand colours, and text elements to share the thing that makes your company unique, such as your mission statement, how the company was founded, what steps you’re taking to give back to the environment and community, or what makes your product unique. The sky’s the limit!

Prove your company’s commitment to sustainability. Customers have been proven to prefer shopping with businesses who have solid processes in place to replace plastic packaging with more eco-friendly choices, such as paper void fill instead of bubble-wrap, or paper bags instead of plastic ones. Not only do this proves your dedication to making eco-friendly choices, but custom ones will also increase the perceived value of your products. The common understanding is that customised bags come exclusively from high-end or large corporate shops and boutiques. By getting custom bags created for your business, the quality is immediately perceived to be better than with plain bags.

Eco-friendly Manufacturing process

printed white paper bag

Eco-friendly and non-toxic, brown paper bags are made from renewable resources. Because these bags can be easily broken down in the environment or recycled multiple times, they will not negatively impact the environment as much as the manufacture and disposal of single-use plastics. Paper requires a lot less harmful chemicals and energy to be manufactured and recycled because of the simple process. 

Kraft paper is a robust paper that, due to the manufacturing process, is much stronger than regular paper. This process often uses woodchips and other wood waste to create the paper, which are steamed and pulped before being spread to dry for cutting, transport and assembly into a variety of eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic.

Not only is the end product 100% recyclable, but manufacturing plants are also equipped to reuse water and chemicals wherever possible which makes the whole process far more eco-friendly than those of single-use plastics.

Kraft paper does not get bleached. Bleaching is what causes paper to lose strength, so the absence of bleaching is what makes kraft paper biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable, while also remaining strong enough to be used for bags. The lack of bleaching also allows the kraft paper material to speak for itself, with a rough, authentic finish that looks and feels beautiful.

As an eco-friendly solution, the manufacture and use of kraft paper bags has a significantly smaller impact on the environment than plastics. The process is well-curated to produce an eco-friendly material without contributing significantly to environmental pollution, and now this material is widely accessible, it’s easier than ever for individuals and businesses of all sizes to ditch the single-use plastics.

They are the most cost-effective way to get custom bags printed for your company both due to high demand and low cost-manufacturing. It’s never been easier to have custom bags just for you!


white printed paper bags

NEON eCommerce Packaging offers a wide range of shopping bags so that we can help you choose the perfect one for your business. We provide the best quality packaging in Australia by working hard to ensure our products are made of sturdy materials. If you have any packaging related questions, or any enquiries about custom packaging, don’t hesitate to contact us! We would love to help!

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