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Kraft Paper Bags.
Do you store them to be used again for groceries or gifting?

This isn’t a bad way to reuse bags, however it doesn’t also keep the kids entertained for a whole afternoon! Why not do two things at once and try our easy Easter Craft with the kids!

Our easy to follow and printable instructions can be applied to any kind of bag or scrap paper you have already in the house, and only requires a few other simple household stationary items to complete.

Have fun!


What You Need:

– Old paper bag

– Scissors

– Pen or Pencils

– Your hand


Fun Easter Craft. Upcycling Kraft Paper Bag. Download PDF Button. NEON eCommerce Packaging

Step 1 EASY Easter Craft with Upcycled Kraft Paper Bags

1.  Place your hand on the paper bag and spread your fingers as wide as they can go. Trace the shape with your pen or pencil and close the gap.


Step 2 - Easter Craft

2.  Carefully cut out the hand shape. Keep the off-cut, we’ll need it later!


Step 3 Fun Easter Craft

3.  With a curved line, cut out the middle finger. Make sure you keep the off-cut; we’ll need it later!


Step 4

4.  Draw your bunny’s face & decorate however you like, then fold the pinkie finger and thumb down to form the arms.


Step 5

5.  Take the offcut from the hand shape and cut off the pointy bits. We will use these to make the leaves for the carrot. You should now have 1 finger and 4 rough triangles.


Steps 6 and 7

6.  Place 3 or 4 triangles on the fat end of the finger offcut and secure with tape. Trim off any part of the leaves if they stick out.

7.  Flip and decorate the carrot!


Steps 8 & 9
8.  Tape the carrot to the bunny so it is secured under the folded thumb.

9.  Tape down bunny arms and draw on the paw lines! Enjoy your Bunny!


Conclusion: Let us know how you went with your Bunny crafts! We’d love to see the results, so feel free to tag us on Instagram or Facebook with pictures of your creations!


Fun Easter Craft. Upcycling Kraft Paper Bag. Download PDF Button. NEON eCommerce Packaging


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