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Transforming Your Holiday Sales Strategy with Ribbon!

May 06, 2024Sean Downs

Ribbons have always been paired with Christmas gifts. Whether small, medium, or large, bows always had a place in gift packaging designs. With their wide range of colours and textures, there’s always a ribbon that can complement your gift box.

If you have to prepare gifts for a large group and will be doing all the packing by yourself, we highly recommend using colourful ribbons to make your work easier but still get a high-quality result.

This blog will share insights on transforming your holiday sales strategy using ribbons.

How many kinds of ribbons are there?

Overall, there are sixteen kinds of ribbons. 

  1. Elastic 
  2. Grosgrain 
  3. Satin 
  4. Velvet 
  5. Twill 
  6. Silk 
  7. Cotton 
  8. Metallic 
  9. Lace 
  10. Burlap 
  11. Tulle 
  12. Glitter
  13. Picot 
  14. Gingham 
  15. Organza 
  16. Jacquard

The most popular ones used for gifting are silk, satin, metallic, and glitter. This is mainly due to the sophisticated appearance that adds to a Christmas gift’s elegance and glamour. 

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Add an Accent 

Often we use bows that have a different colour from the rest of our original theme. This is also applicable when creating a gift box. The bow helps accent the monochromatic hues of the gift container. 

In corporate gifting, they don’t serve as beautification only, they also catch the attention of people who will see the boxes when shipped or carried around. This increases your brand’s visibility and makes people more curious about who you are.


Ribbons can be repurposed after the gifting season. They can be converted into hair accessories, sewn into clothes, or created into bookmarks if they have a writable surface. 

Helps keep the contents secure

When tied properly, the bows act as extra closure to your box and ensure that the items stay inside the container. This maintains a neat appearance that will surely impress your recipient.

Asymmetric measurement 

Measure the length that you need carefully and accurately. The same principle applies when you’re tying the loops for a finishing touch. They have to be the same size. Otherwise, your gift packaging will look haphazardly done. 


Some bows are tied in any way without paying attention to the box’s centre and corners. This can lead to a skewed bow that will move around the box and may even come off. 

Loose Tying

When you don’t observe proper bow tightening they can become loose and slip off! This is a hassle especially if you are shipping gifts. The receiver may think that you didn’t put much effort into creating their present. 

Unique Ways to Style the Gift Bows

Curly strings

To create a ribbon bow, start by measuring and cutting the ribbon to the desired length, then tie it together with a short piece of ribbon. Cut the loops at each end to separate the strands. Hold the middle of the bundle and curl each strand outward using scissors, repeating if needed. Make several curled bundles and stack them on the gift box, taping them down securely.


This is the classic style where the finished result gives you two loops and two strings.


You need to cut the ribbons into decreasing sizes - you start with the longest until the shortest. After cutting, you fold the ends to make it meet and for loops. Then, you stack the loops above each other. 


The rosette style is also known as the pom-pom bow, it can be quite complicated to make and requires using a wire to hold the pieces together. Here are the steps:

  • First, you have to form a circle, at least 8 circles. The more you make, the fuller your bow will look. 
  • After making a circle, flatten the loops and cut diagonally at both corners. 
  • Once you’ve made diagonal cuts, fold the loops again so that the cut corners meet at the center. Use a wire to hold it all in the centre.
  • Starting on one side, pull the innermost loop and twist it to the right. Do the same to the next but twist it to the left. Continue pulling and twisting to both sides until all ribbons form a loop.
  • Arrange as needed and attach to your gift box. 

Where Can I Buy Ribbon

Check out Neon Packaging's beautiful satin ribbon collection! We have a range of colours and sizes that'll make your gifts and crafts look amazing. Whether you're wrapping gifts or adding a special touch to DIY projects, our satin ribbons are perfect. Visit our website to see what we have and make your packaging stand out with Neon Packaging's satin ribbons!


The ribbon holds potential in transforming your holiday sales strategy. By utilizing ribbons effectively, you not only enhance the visual appeal of your gift packaging but also elevate your brand's visibility and leave a lasting impression on recipients. 

However, it's crucial to avoid common mistakes like asymmetric measurements and loose tying, which can detract from the overall presentation. Embracing unique styling techniques such as curly strings, shoelace bows, layered ribbons, and rosette designs adds creativity and charm to your gift wrapping endeavors. 

With careful attention to detail and creativity, incorporating ribbons into your holiday sales strategy can lead to memorable and impactful experiences for both your customers and recipients alike.

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