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10 Surprising Uses for Brown Paper Bags You Never Knew

May 02, 2024Sean Downs

Paper bags are not meant to be stored in a corner and left to gather dust. They can provide more uses after their initial use. However, since brown bags have always been considered containers, it can be challenging to look beyond their function as a bag.

Here’s one fun fact. Did you know that it can help fruit ripen faster? This post will give you more creative ways to reuse your brown Kraft bags. 

10 Unexpected Applications of Brown Paper Bags Revealed

Puppets or Masks

Brown paper bags often have a plain surface which makes them perfect for drawing faces or figures. You can make animal or cartoon face masks using colored markers and colored paper. For puppets, you may want to add yarn or fabric scraps to give it more detail.

Packaging Filler

If you’re planning to ship a package, you can use the bag as package filler. You can cut them up so they won’t be bulky for small packages. Otherwise, if you need something that will act as an extra cushion for various products, you can crumple up the paper and place it between the products to add padding. Another option is to split the bags and use them to cover the items one by one. 

Gift Wrap

Gifts with a rustic vibe are unique and heartwarming. You can use brown bags to wrap your presents, then tie them up with twine or ribbon to complete the vintage look. If there is deep sentiment attached to giving the gift, you can write a note on the paper. 

Compost Addition

Paper decomposes quickly compared to plastic that’s why it poses less environmental hazard. Since it decays and becomes part of the soil, it can be an effective addition to compost. Shred the paper before adding it to your compost otherwise, it may take longer to break down. 

Recycling Container 

If you don’t have enough bins for items that you intend to recycle, you can keep them inside the bags. For example, if you intend to give out secondhand clothes, you can fold them neatly and place them inside the bag. The same can be done for old homeware like plates and glasses. To avoid confusion, you can put labels on them to make them easier to locate. 

Snack Packs

Instead of buying paper plates or bowls to serve afternoon snacks or movie popcorn at home, you can reuse clean paper bags by cutting them in half crosswise. They are also great for serving candy assortments. This reduces the number of dishes you have to wash and is easy to dispose of. 

Window Cleaner

Many people love using paper bags to clean windows because they don’t leave streaks behind unlike paper towels or cloth. Use them with white vinegar and it will leave your mirrors spot-free!

Remove Staleness

Perhaps you bought a loaf of bread a day ago and accidentally forgot about it. It’s not moldy but it’s stale. A quick fix would be to put the bread inside the bag and wet it with a little bit of water, then put it in the oven. 

Keep onions and garlic fresh

When you use a Kraft bag to store onion and garlic, you can keep them fresh for at least three months. Punch holes in the bag to facilitate air circulation then fill half of the bag with the herbs. Make sure to store the bag in a cool and dry place. 

Cookie Sheet

You can save money by reusing the paper bag as a cookie sheet to help them cool down after baking. A Kraft bag can be better than a wire rack because paper allows the air to circulate, helping remove moisture and retain crispiness. 


Brown paper bags are not just simple containers but versatile items with a multitude of surprising uses. From creative crafts like puppets and masks to practical applications such as packaging filler and gift wrap, these bags can serve a variety of purposes beyond their intended use. Additionally, they contribute positively to the environment by being compostable and recyclable. 

Whether it's serving snacks, cleaning windows, reviving stale bread, or preserving freshness in the pantry, brown paper bags prove to be invaluable household items. So, next time you have a stack of brown paper bags lying around, consider exploring these inventive and resourceful ways to make the most out of them.

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