Unwrapping the Benefits of Personalised Packaging

Unwrapping the Benefits of Personalised Packaging

Mar 29, 2024Sean Downs

Gift-giving helps build and strengthen interpersonal relationships - loved ones, friends and customers. Sometimes giving a present is not enough but it’s difficult to find ways to express more.

Personalised packaging is the sentimental touch that your products need. It serves many purposes - as a product container, marketing tool, and even storage. As customer’s needs evolve, your packaging should upgrade too.

This blog will discuss the benefits of personalised packagin

The Advantages of Personalised Packaging Solutions

Product protection

Certain products need to be in excellent packaging to protect them during shipping and delivery. Delicate items like liquid, food, and medicines should use custom packaging so that the products will not deform or spoil when exposed to various factors during transit like temperature and pressure.

To help you ensure that your products stay intact, you can use NEON Packaging’s Compostable Void Filler Cushion. This cushion roll material is 100% compostable. It adds protection to your products without increasing landfill waste.

Build Brand Awareness

Using custom paper bags for your items is an efficient way to showcase your brand. With a carefully chosen custom-printed paper bag, you can share your brand’s message and style. Using your packaging to stand out from your competitors is a good way to capture customer’s attention and make you part of their top brands.

NEON’S CMYK full-colour printing ensures that your business logo and slogan are printed clearly and vibrantly, making it easy for customers to see and remember. Packaging is an integral part of your brand’s visual appeal.

Good for Subscription-based Products

Keeping customers engaged can be a challenge for businesses that sell products requiring monthly subscriptions. There is a huge risk of customers stopping their subscription if a business uses generic gift boxes and bags.

Using monthly themes or holiday-aligned designs can promote your company better. Making customers excited is achievable through personalised packaging. When they are excited to receive your monthly box, there is a higher chance that they will re-subscribe and even recommend your brand to friends and family.

Make your presentation even more luxe and aesthetical with NEON’s Biodegradable Cellulose Tape or our Brown Kraft Eco Tape. Using these kinds of tape ensures the security of your products while giving them a neater appearance.

Enjoyable Unboxing Experience

If you watch influencers unbox their purchases or PR boxes, you will notice that they don’t throw away the packaging immediately. Including a brand’s paper bag or box in the background is a way of introducing that company to viewers

High-quality personalised packaging allows customers to share their real-time experience by describing how the packaging feels or expressing their opinion about the bags and boxes used for the products. Furthermore, custom gift bags show that your branding is well-planned and coordinated, increasing customer satisfaction.

NEON Packaging’s customised printed paper bags are made from 250 gsm paper with a premium matte finish and sturdy handles. These paper bags are perfect for retail and pop-up stores.

Advocating for Sustainability

paper bags with custom design

Small businesses are creative when it comes to eco-friendly products. You will often see sustainable startups during market fairs. Their innovative ideas range from organic haircare to recycled clothing. Personalised packaging can boost these businesses’ visibility and increase customer loyalty. 

NEON’s custom paper bags are the best in Australia. These custom gift bags are 100% recyclable with low minimum order quantities. Therefore, you can order the exact amount you need for your product packaging while minimising environmental impact. Other attachments you can include in your personalised packaging are customised swing tags made with durable materials and our square-sized adhesive stickers that can be designed according to your preferences.


Personalised packaging is a multipurpose element for businesses that helps endorse the brand and build credibility. It is also a way for brands to build connections with customers because eliciting emotions is one way to create customer loyalty. 

NEON Packaging's sustainable packaging products are excellent packaging options for businesses who want to advocate for sustainability. Customers will be more likely impressed if your business encourages people to reuse paper bags or gift boxes used.

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