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Creative Ways to Personalise Gift Boxes

Mar 27, 2024Sean Downs

Gifting has evolved beyond buying something and wrapping it in printed paper. Now, there are many options on how to present gifts and some choices are eco-friendly, making gifting a happy memory minus the environmental stress. 

If you’re wondering if there are other ways to make your gift box more appealing, the answer is YES! This blog will discuss the creative ways to personalise gift boxes.

7 Inventive Ideas for Personalising Gift Boxes

1. Try Fun Themes

If you’re preparing a birthday gift box, you can choose a theme based on things that your receiver likes or is interested in. If they like accessories, you can customise your gift box to look like a treasure chest. If their hobbies revolve around gardening, you can design your gift box to look like a garden. Many free for use pictures represent the exact image you have in mind.

Bring your idea to life with NEON Packaging’s customisable premium magnetic gift boxes. Our CMYK full-colour printing ensures that your box’s design is crystal clear. The image is printed on the internal and external sides of the lid, giving your present box a polished look.

2. Put Together a Snack or Treat Box

Are you a food startup looking to increase recognition and visibility? Make the most out of customised gift boxes by creating a snack box containing your bestsellers. Whether you’re selling cookies, chips or candies, you can make a good impression on your new customers by arranging them inside a box. 

Don’t forget that visual appeal plays a huge role in the food business. People normally react to food based on the way it looks. Using a box as a snack container ensures that you can enticingly showcase your snacks. 

Since some snacks are brittle, use our Hex Wrap to help them stay in place during shipping, reducing the chance of your food products being shaken and damaged.

3. Create a Coffee Lover’s Box

Coffee is a pick-me-up drink for many people and taking the time to assemble a special coffee kit for your loved ones shows them that you care about their favourites. This is a good opportunity to introduce them to new coffee bean varieties they haven’t tried yet. You can also include an organic sweetener to encourage them to drink coffee healthily!

Other ways to make it unique include a spoon or stirrer in their favourite colour. This shows how special they are to you because the present box is highly catered to their taste and preferences.

4. Make a Garden Essentials Box

Does your company specialise in the gardening industry? Make your brand beginner-friendly by making a garden essentials box. This gift box contains plant seeds that are easy to grow, basic gardening tools, fertiliser and maybe some small plant pots.

To give it more eco-friendly and nature-loving vibes, use NEON Packaging’s mint green magnetic gift box. This colour is usually associated with growth and freshness, just the exact hue that can communicate your company’s vision to customers. 

Our premium mint green magnetic gift box gives your garden essentials a sophisticated look with its semi-matte finish. Also, you don’t need to worry about items being spilled or wasted because it comes with a strong magnetic closure.

5. Make Use of Paper’s Potential

Used properly, paper can add a ‘wow’ factor to your gifts. If your friend loves arts and crafts, you can assemble an art box that contains the necessary materials that an artist needs - watercolour, paintbrush, colouring pens, and a painting book. Since art takes many forms, it would be nice to include a variety of art tools, especially paper-based tools for drawing or painting. 

To give it a more artistic touch, use our acid-free tissue paper inside the box to preserve the quality of the art materials. Unlike normal tissue paper, NEON’s acid-free tissue paper does not deteriorate quickly. Maybe your friend can even use it for their next art project!

6. Let The Box Do The Talking

If your business involves a lot of PR events, make your box stand out to potential customers by printing your logo on the outer lid and then printing your slogan on the inner side. This helps make a strong impact on your customers because they will better see the correlation between your brand and the products you sell. 

Also, using a biodegradable gift box sends a message that you are advocating for sustainable consumerism. You may also include a small pamphlet containing tips on how your customers can reuse the gift box. 

NEON has other products that you can use to enhance your product hamper. If you want to ensure the safety of your items, our acid-free tissue paper and diamon hex wrap improve your presentation while adding extra protection. Further personalise your gift box by using note cards and printed stickers.

7. Show your Sentiments with Swing Tags

NEON’s swing tags can be customised with your message and artwork as background. The printing is full colour and two-sided, making it an appealing addition to your clothing gift box. This is highly recommended for retailers that focus on clothing production.

A short message can make a whole difference to your gift. It’s one way of making your apparel boxes for friends or for corporate gifting more sincere.


There are numerous ways to be creative when making personalised gift boxes. You can tailor your design depending on the receiver’s personality or the brand’s specialty. With gift boxes, you get the opportunity to show your unique ideas for presentation. 

With NEON Packaging’s personalised gift boxes and additional materials like acid-free tissue paper and swing tags, you can make a presentable and unforgettable gift box for friends or corporate gifting.

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