Unleashing Creativity: The Power of Custom Boxes in Modern Packaging

Unleashing Creativity: The Power of Custom Boxes in Modern Packaging

Apr 04, 2024Sean Downs

Your custom gift boxes help tell the story of your brand. 

Custom packaging introduces your businesses to people on a more personalised manner. With the progression of businesses in the modern world and the complex nature of people’s needs, packaging is undoubtedly an important part of the business structure. 

Learn more about the impact of custom boxes in modern packaging with this blog post.

The Role of Customised Boxes in Modern Packaging

Consumer-centric Approach

A company specialising in art and crafts or stationeries and that rely mainly on a delivery service to bring their products to their customers will need a box that will prevent the items from being damaged. Custom printed packaging will accommodate their stationery supplies without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal that many arts and crafts shops need. There is a bigger need for stationery businesses to invest in their packaging because it influences how their customers will appreciate their innovative items.

NEON Packaging’s premium magnetic gift boxes have a strong magnetic closure that will keep your food products in place during shipping. To add a colourful element, you can use our acid-free tissue paper and include a heartfelt thank-you note using our customisable A6 note cards to show your appreciation.

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Distinction from Other Brands

Every business fights to stay unique from other companies in the same industry. Printed mailing boxes with custom-printed packaging give you a chance to stand out during trade fairs or in product displays. 

With NEON’s packaging box printing service, you can have your business logo and slogan printed on the inner and outer sides of our premium gift box lid. Full-colour CMYK printing makes these custom gift boxes attractive, especially with the semi-matte finish. By using visually appealing and functional printed mailing boxes, you can showcase your creativity and innovation. This makes your brand more memorable to customers.


With the right strategy, partnering with custom box printing companies such as NEON is not as expensive as it seems. Businesses can save more on custom gift boxes when they order in bulk. Wholesale orders often translate to lower costs per unit making them more cost-efficient in the long run. Additionally, packaging is now perceived as an investment rather than an added expense which is why it is important to select a custom packaging that can help you achieve a good return on investment (ROI).

Our printed custom boxes can elevate your packaging game and leave a good impression on your customers.

Ecological Stewardship

The components and manufacturing process used in creating printed box mailers are important especially when you’re incorporating sustainability in your brand. Custom gift boxes are made with excellent materials and can be reused as extra home storage, office organiser or trinket holder. 

These boxes are also available in various sizes, giving you options that best fit your product. Proper sizing reduces waste because you can get the dimensions you need to contain your items. 

NEON Packaging's Australian-made custom printed packaging ensures compliance with legal guidelines safeguarding forests and natural resources, as NEON is affiliated with the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation and adheres to Australasian Bioplastics Australia standards.

Brand Identity Building

One of the challenges that businesses face is building their brand. Most boxes are sold in plain colours but with customisable gift boxes, you can play around with patterns, colour combinations and accessories like satin ribbons. Sometimes including a message adds that personalised touch that creates a good impression on your customers. 

Building your brand is not just about attracting new customers but building strong relationships to convert them to a loyal client base. 

If you are selling apparel, you can make an effort to introduce your brand differently by using swing tags. NEON’ swing tags are made with 300 gsm paper and are available in three types. You can have both sides printed with your logo and a short message to take your box from a simple container to a storytelling tool.


Let your printed mailing boxes speak for you. Aside from your product’s quality, the custom cardboard box that you use can be a miniature billboard that doubles as a communication tool for a wide variety of customers. 

For premium custom packaging in Australia, NEON PAckaging has various options to choose from - magnetic boxes, self-locking mailers and wine boxes. All our products are sustainable and customisable. Share your brand’s story and stand out in the market with our ethically produced custom-printed packaging.

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