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Quality magnetic black Small gift box - NEON Packaging
Premium Magnetic Gift Boxes - Small - NEON Packaging
Premium Magnetic Gift Box Black - Small
20cm x 15cm x 6.5cm *GST included
Quality empty magnetic black Medium gift box - NEON Packaging
Quality magnetic black medium gift box - NEON Packaging
Premium Magnetic Gift Box Black - Medium
22cm x 18cm x 10.5cm *GST included
Empty Black Large Gift Box - NEON Packaging
High Quality Black Large Gift Box - NEON Packaging
Premium Magnetic Gift Box Black - Large
37cm x 27cm x 10.5cm *GST included
Empty Premium Magnetic Gift Boxes - Extra LargeLarge - NEON Packaging
High Quality Black Extra Large Gift Box - NEON Packaging
Premium Magnetic Gift Box Black - Extra Large
41.5cm x 35cm x 7.5cm *GST included

The art of gift presentation is crucial in enhancing the overall gifting experience. A well-presented gift reflects thoughtfulness and elevates the recipient's anticipation and joy. Thanks to their sophistication, black gift boxes, in particular, can transform an ordinary gift into an extraordinary one.

Benefits of Black Gift Boxes


Black is a timeless colour that exudes elegance and sophistication. Its sleek appearance adds a touch of luxury to any gift, making it ideal for high-end and formal occasions. A black gift box can make any present look more prestigious, whether a piece of jewellery, a premium gadget, or gourmet chocolates.


One of the standout features of black gift boxes is their versatility. They can hold small trinkets to larger items. Their neutral colour makes them suitable for personal and professional gifts, and they are perfect for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays.

Personalisation Options

Many packaging suppliers offer options like printed logos, personalised messages, or the addition of ribbons and bows. This customisation enhances the uniqueness of the gift and can align with specific themes or brand identities, making them perfect for corporate gifting as well.


In an age where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, many black gift boxes are made from recycled materials. This eco-friendly approach appeals to environmentally conscious customers who want to reduce their carbon footprint while still stylishly presenting their gifts.

Memorable and Eye-Catching

Lastly, black gift boxes stand out in a sea of traditional wrapping paper and coloured boxes. Their striking appearance makes a memorable impression on recipients, ensuring the gift is appreciated for its contents and presentation. The bold, classic look of black gift boxes ensures they are eye-catching and unforgettable.


How much is the delivery fee in Sydney Metro?

FREE - A free delivery inside Sydney Metro with a very low minimum order of $100.

What sizes are available?

You have four sizes to choose from - small, medium, large, and extra large.

Are they easy to assemble?

Yes, they are easy to assemble. An instructional video is provided to guide you through the process.

Check it here How To Assemble a Black Gift box  

What type of closure do they have?

Our black magnetic gift boxes have strong magnetic closures. 

Are they made from recycled materials?

Yes! Our black gift boxes are made from recycled materials, making them durable enough for reusing after the gifting experience. 

Can they be customised?

There are many customisation possibilities with our Premium Black Magnetic Gift Boxes.

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How much weight can they hold?

The weight limit varies based on the size. You can refer to this table as a guide:




Extra Large

20cm x 15cm x 6.5cm

(internal measurements)

22cm x 18cm x 10.5cm

(internal measurements)

37cm x 27cm x 10.5cm

(internal measurements)

41.5cm x 35cm x 7.5cm

(internal measurements)

Ideal for dainty items like small jewellery and hair accessories

Ideal for clothing items like shirts, socks, and wallets

Can hold heavier items like blankets, jackets, or flat shoes

It can hold bulky items like candle jars, perfume bottles, and cosmetics


Are there bulk discounts available?

We accept bulk orders. For assistance with our wholesale pricing, please message us or call us using this link.

Who sells black gift boxes?

NEON eCommerce Packaging offers premium magnetic gift boxes, each featuring a semi-matte finish and a secure magnetic lock.

Industry Expert - Sean Says

At NEON Packaging, we prioritise functionality and ease of use in our gift boxes. Our boxes are constructed using 3M adhesive glued removable tapes, which ensure secure assembly and allow for quick application by simply removing the adhesive tab.

Size is crucial when selecting the appropriate black gift box for your product. Choosing a box that comfortably accommodates your items without overcrowding is essential, ensuring a perfect fit and an elegant presentation.

If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, please call us at 1300 531 930 or email us at