Boost Your Brand & Protect Your Products: The Power of Custom Packaging (Boxes & Bags)

Boost Your Brand & Protect Your Products: The Power of Custom Packaging (Boxes & Bags)

Apr 08, 2024Sean Downs

Engaging with your customers with the right design of packaging boxes will help you stand out by making a good first impression.

Having a strong position in the ever-competitive eCommerce market with consistently high-quality gift boxes and paper bags that generate interest and lead to increased customer loyalty. 

This blog will guide you in finding the best custom packaging boxes and paper bags for your business.

Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Packaging Boxes

Determine what box type best matches your products

The way you present your brand image plays a role in attracting customers but you shouldn’t forget that the packaging should be able to protect the product. Although design is crucial, a product that gets damaged during transit will reflect on your company’s reliability. At the same time, there are customers, especially the ones who are in a hurry who often choose the product by its appearance. Make sure that the packaging boxes must be both eye-catching and durable.

Level of protection during shipping

Products in the market are made of different materials and require the proper kind of container. Fragile products must be handled with care and efficiently wrapped using hex wrap or kraft wrapping paper for them to arrive undamaged to the consumer. Choose sturdy materials or corrugated boxes for heavy items. Worldwide shipping takes more time and sensitive products like small appliances or homeware need moisture-resistant packaging boxes.

Customer experience during unboxing

Always consider the customer’s experience when unboxing the product. Having the best product and custom packaging design adds to the customer’s excitement. With the influence of social media, consumers will share their unboxing videos on platforms they are using, especially if it’s interesting and enjoyable at the same time. Building good relationships with every customer is also a marketing tool to increase your sales.

Environmental Impact

Packaging box materials and designs also reflect the company’s values. Some customers are environmentally conscious so you have to consider eco-friendly materials that are responsibly sourced. For example, some of NEON’s self-locking mailing boxes are FSC-certified. This shows that the box was produced according to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.

When looking for paper bags that can be turned into printed packaging, always consider the materials used and what certifications the company has related to sustainable practices.

Fits Your Brand’s Design

Packaging box design speaks for your brand and what kind of products you sell. These custom boxes and bags also show your creativity and how well you impress your customers. With the right printed packaging, you can pique potential customers' interest and curiosity, leading to them buying or adding your products to their cart. 

An effective packaging design will help your products stand out and make a strong impression on potential customers. Always feature your brand logo and prioritize sustainability. Ensure your packaging specifically communicates the product’s benefits and selling points.

Where to Buy Gift Boxes

pink magnetic gift box

NEON Packaging offers a variety of custom box styles in several sizes and colours. Our gift boxes and printed paper bags are made of 100% reusable materials and they can be repurposed as grocery bags or office organisers. 

You can also print your logo or chosen artwork on the boxes and bags to help build brand awareness and make it easier for people to recognise your business. 

NEON’s boxes and bags have low minimum order requirements and are delivered flat-packed.

How to Buy Printed Paper Bags


paper bags with custom design


Our premium paper bags are available in black or white. They are made with 250 gsm paper and feature woven paper handles to make them comfortable while holding. 

NEON’s custom printing service allows you to have your logo or business design printed on both sides or a single side only. The bags are 100% reusable and can be kept easily after use.


Thoughtfully designed packaging can evoke excitement and delight, encouraging customers to share their experiences on social media and ultimately driving sales. Whether you're looking for gift boxes or printed paper bags, 

NEON Packaging offers a range of customisable options crafted from reusable materials and delivered with low minimum order requirements in Sydney, Australia.

Level up your brand with custom paper bags and gift boxes from NEON Packaging.

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