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Where to Get Custom Packaging for Special Occasions

Apr 08, 2024Sean Downs

Custom packaging is not just a trend, it’s a conscious choice. As we all know, gift packaging involves a lot of decision-making. With gift packaging, you can get the best printed packaging suited for the special occasion you’ll be attending. 

Gift packaging for special occasions requires more detailed attention because these are events that represent a significant milestone in a person’s life. 

This blog will guide you on where to get custom boxes and bags for special occasions.

Occasions Where Personalised Packaging Is Needed


A wedding is a very emotional event - there’s joy, nostalgia and excitement. Also, depending on the country, there are certain wedding practices or traditions observed. If you belong to a culture that observes these traditions seriously, opt for a custom gift box.

Custom printed gift boxes help you tailor the gift box specifically to the rules of the wedding organisers. From the theme down to cultural considerations, you are in full control of the packaging’s design. Some great gift ideas are matching plates and bowls, painted photo of the couple or silk sheets. Not only do you give a memorable gift, but you are also showing respect to the married couple.


Every year added to our lives is a chance to live our life to the fullest and special gift packaging can help us communicate our best wishes to the birthday celebrant by customising the paper bag or gift box with their favourite cartoon character, colour combination or any meaningful symbol that they can relate to.

Personalised gift packaging makes the celebrant feel truly special because the box or bag used reflects their interest. You can use colourful stickers like NEON’s personalised square, rectangle or round stickers. The stickers also complement our Kraft paper bags - taking from simple to creative. Say happy birthday in a unique way!


Graduation, no matter what education level, shows that a person is levelling up in life. Custom premium paper gift bags and gift boxes that have high-quality printing on them are an innovative way to say congratulations. It takes hard work to graduate and preparing printed packaging for their graduation gift communicates how happy you truly are for their achievement.

Where Can One Buy Personalised Packaging For Special Occasions In Australia?

NEON Packaging offers premium magnetic gift boxes and paper bags that can be personalised. These printed packaging options use CMYK printing to ensure a sharp and vivid image on the boxes and bags. 

The custom branded magnetic gift boxes have a semi-matte finish and secure magnetic closure. We can print your artwork on the inner and outer sides of the lid. There are five colours and four colours to choose from. All customisable boxes are reusable as personal storage because of their durable structure. 

Our premium 100% recyclable paper bags are available in black or white with three sizes for each colour. These bags feature woven paper handles for a comfortable grip. You can choose if you want double-sided or single-sided printing using white or CMYK ink. 

Both boxes and bags are delivered flat-packed and easy to assemble. To make them more stylish you can add our acid-free tissue paper in black, mint green or white. For extra protection, we have our interlocking Diamond Protect Hex Wrap which is a plastic-free alternative to bubble wrap.

But, if you’re going for a vintage look, our Kraft Paper Wrapping Roll can act as additional padding while covering your gift to prevent scratches or stains. It is 100% recyclable and can be folded to your desired form.  


Personalised packaging plays a vital role in enhancing the significance of special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and graduations.

NEON Packaging in Sydney offers a wide range of customizable options, including premium magnetic gift boxes and paper bags, ensuring that every aspect of the packaging aligns with the celebrant's preferences and the occasion's tone. 

Additionally, our commitment to sustainability through recyclable materials and plastic-free alternatives further underscores the conscientious nature of gift packaging.

Personalise your gift boxes and paper bags today to make every event memorable!

Contact us through info@neonpackaging.com.au

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