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Creative Ways to Recycle Paper Bags in Your Aussie Home

Apr 12, 2024Sean Downs

In today's world, where environmental consciousness is at the forefront, we're constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact. The paper bag is a simple yet powerful alternative to traditional plastic bags. Often seen as the go-to carrier for groceries and shopping sprees. These versatile bags are not just functional, they're multipurpose. 

Unlike their plastic counterparts, paper bags are customisable. Plain brown is great, but you can personalize them with designs, logos, or even hand-painted artwork? This allows businesses to promote their brand and individuals to express their unique style.

Finally, paper bags offer an unexpected perk: safety. Free from harmful chemicals often found in plastic bags, paper is a safer choice for children and food storage. 

This blog post will discuss creative ways to recycle paper bags in your home.

Sustainable DIY Ideas for Paper Bag Recycling

Grouping Similar Items

Everyone has a junk drawer or shelf in the cupboard under the stairs. Avoid the hassle of searching through a messy jumble of stuff and use your old paper bags to categorise your items. This will save you time, keep you organised, and save you money on purchasing dedicated storage items.

You can also put labels on the bags to make it easier to locate the things you kept in them. This also gives you a chance to arrange your things in a space-efficient manner because these bags are made from versatile and flexible material.

Paper Bag Puppets

Repurposing your craft supply stash using the paper bag and creatively creating a paper puppet is one of the things you can do with your kids. Recycling and making artwork with your kids are considered refreshing and stress relieving. It creates a strong bond within the family.

Paper Baskets

Creating paper bag baskets to hold school supplies, tiny collections, and small materials is one easy way to store such items. It looks friendly, creative, neat, and organised. Add a colourful touch by decorating it with stickers, lining the edge with ribbons or adding a lock using yarn. 

Paper Mats

Picnic with friends and families is a healthy recreational activity you can do on holidays, dates, and work days off. Be innovative and show your eco-friendly side by making paper mats for your food. Paper mats are made by cutting the paper bag into long strips and placing them on top of each other using glue. It is a fun and unique way to be environmentally friendly.

Gift Bags

Making a gift bag for a friend’s birthday, special someone, or kids for different occasions is a way to show you care and treasure the relationship. Design it with coloured pencils, markers, paint, or stickers. You can also cover the bag’s surface with crepe or foil paper.


This is surely something the little ones will love. Use your limitless imagination and make a paper bag mask with your kids. Spend time and play not only to have fun but also to improve their creativity and artistry. Play superheroes, make Halloween masks for trick or treat, and give fun memorable experiences.

Book Cover

Students carry books to school every day. A homemade cover helps to protect your child’s book from damage. You can customise it and it also lasts longer. If you love journaling, you can create a nostalgia or vintage-inspired journal notebook by using the paper bag as a cover and embellishing it with dried flowers, lace and small gemstones. 

Scrapbook or Photo Album

Cut your paper bags and bind them. Use this creative idea to store your photos and important dates in your life. You can design it however you want and it is much more stylish. 

You can also crumple the paper to give it an old-style effect. Another way to add drama to this upcycled album is to burn the edges lightly. 

Paper Kites

If you and your family love to hang out in the park, this one can be an activity that involves the whole family. Enjoy making paper kites with your kids and flying them. Create the desired design and help your kids improve their artistry.

Table Cover

Cut and weave your paper bags and motivate your kids to study by creating their study table covers. It is customizable so you can put as many details as you want. You can design it according to their preferred colour, or favourite cartoon character or even write a motivational quote to keep them inspired while studying.

What do you do with those once-used paper and gift bags?


Paper bags are not only convenient for our day-to-day activities but also offer endless possibilities for recycling and repurposing within our homes. 

By incorporating creative ideas such as grouping similar items, crafting paper bag puppets, making paper baskets, mats, gift bags, masks, book covers, scrapbooks, kites, and table covers, we not only reduce waste but also engage in meaningful activities with our families. 

These sustainable practices not only contribute to environmental conservation but also foster creativity, strengthen family bonds, and encourage mindful consumption.

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