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Best Paper Bag Colours for Businesses in Australia

Apr 16, 2024Sean Downs

One of the most iconic elements of a strong business is the colours they choose to represent them. Companies such as Coca Cola or Starbucks have key colours that their customers will recognise even without the logo. A strong brand knows how to use colour to encourage a loyal customer base.

A key part of using colour to enhance your brand is to ensure your packaging matches your brand colours. This reinforces your customers' recognition of your brand and also presents an opportunity for it to be shared across social media.

This blog post will discuss the best colours for paper bags with handles for businesses in Australia. 

Colour Categories to Consider

We all know that there are three basic colour categories: primary, secondary and tertiary. However, for business designs, there are only two groups to choose from: warm or cold colours. 

Warm Colours

Warm colours often resemble things that give off heat like the sun or fire. They radiate energy and positivity. These colours are usually in shades of yellow, red, and orange. Warm colours are used to symbolise passion and activity. 

Cool Colours

These colours are visually calming and soothing. People often relate them to ice, snow, water and sky. Cool colours often come in shades of blue, purple and green. They make people feel relaxed and refreshed. 

Impact of Paper Bags with Warm Colours

Energetic and Fun

Opt for bright yellow paper bags with handles. They're perfect for businesses that cater to a younger audience or sell playful products like toys, party supplies, or novelty items.

Confident and Bold

Go for red paper bags. This colour exudes power and grabs attention. It's a good choice for luxury brands, high-end electronics stores, or businesses promoting a sale.

Approachable and Friendly

Use orange paper bags. This colour is inviting and optimistic, making it ideal for bakeries, cafes, or businesses with a focus on customer service.

Impact of Paper Bags with Cool Colours

Trustworthy and Reliable

Choose blue paper bags. Blue is associated with stability and security. It's a great choice for banks, financial institutions, or businesses selling tech products.

Sophisticated and Luxurious

Pick purple paper bags. This colour conveys elegance and mystery. It's a good fit for high-end boutiques, jewellers, or businesses selling beauty products.

Natural and Healthy

Use green paper bags. Green embodies nature and growth. It's perfect for organic food stores, plant nurseries, or businesses promoting eco-friendly practices.

Choosing the Perfect Colour

Remember, the ideal colour for your paper bags depends on your brand identity and target market. Here are some additional tips:

Consider your existing brand colours

Ensure the paper bag colour compliments your logo and overall brand aesthetic. When used properly, colours create a cohesive appearance for your brand, helping people create a positive perception when they first encounter your business.

Think about your target audience

What emotions do you want to evoke in your customers? How can your packaging colours enhance their experience of your brand? Will your customer recognise your brand from the packaging alone? Would they purchase from you again if you use this colour or design?

Look at colour psychology 

Research how different colours affect people's perception. Take time to read up on how it influences the way people think. This will help you choose a combination that will effectively promote your brand.

Don't be afraid to experiment

You can always use a combination of colours or add a pop of colour to your logo or design elements. Consider creating a beta launch and ask for people’s feedback about your logo and design. This is also one way to foster connections with people beyond business transactions.

Where to Buy Wholesale Paper Bags in Australia

NEON Packaging offers wholesale paper bags in Australia. You can choose from Kraft paper bags, customisable premium bags and bags with woven handles. With a range of sizes available, there's a paper bag to suit every product!

All bags are 100% recyclable and reusable. 


Selecting the right colour for your paper bags is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your brand's image and customer perception. Whether you opt for warm colours to convey energy and positivity or cool colours for a calming and trustworthy vibe, each choice reflects specific brand attributes and appeals to distinct target audiences. 

By aligning your paper bag colours with your brand identity and considering factors such as target demographics and colour psychology, you can create a cohesive and compelling packaging solution that resonates with customers and reinforces your brand message. Remember, the perfect colour choice is not just about aesthetics but about creating meaningful connections and enhancing the overall customer experience.

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