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Best Colours for Custom Gift Boxes

Apr 12, 2024Sean Downs

The colors you pick for your custom magnetic gift boxes are like a secret message to the person getting the gift! The right colors can make the box look awesome and build up the excitement even before they open it. Think about it - colors can make you feel a certain way, right? Therefor choosing the perfect hues for different occasions can help create a special memory for the lucky recipient.

This blog post will share the best colours for custom gift boxes.

Top 7 Eye-Catching Colours for Custom Gift Boxes


Red is a very popular colour. It conveys passion, love, and pleasure. Most people are attracted to red as it also shows luxury and elegance. Some businesses use red boxes for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

If your business is connected to media, tech or sports, red is a good choice because it commands attention and communicates authority in your niche. Standing out in the industries above requires you to go beyond normal packaging hues. 


White represents purity and simplicity. People use white to indicate a new chapter in life and a fresh start. White gives a sense of elegance and sophistication which is why many businesses are using it for packaging as it is very flexible and appealing at the same time.

Product hampers for weddings and anniversaries generally use white because it symbolises unity. Brands that are art-related can also benefit from using white branded gift boxes because they represent a blank canvas that their customers can paint or draw on using their stationery supplies. 


Green is the colour of nature. This is why it is very appealing: it gives off growth and harmony. Green is also used to represent health and wealth, which gives business owners the choice to use this for their branded gift boxes for cosmetics and wellness-related products.

Businesses that want to emphasise their commitment to sustainability also use green to boost that impression. Tech startups also use green when they are developing gadgets that help promote a healthier environment. 


Blue represents calmness and relaxation. It shows the colour of the sea and the sky which is always one of the best choices for present boxes. Blue creates a sense of peace, associated with trust, and honesty. Business owners use this colour in their present boxes to convey the pure intention of the sender to the recipient.

Corporate gift hampers in blue can make the recipients feel valued. This colour also represents honesty and reliability. You may consider incorporating some shades of blue into your subscription boxes to create a sense of trust that your customers are getting the value they paid for. 


Orange brings the element of fun and excitement. This warm hue is used to show activeness, adventure and fun. Business owners also choose orange for their boxes to promote friendship and socialisation.

If your brand specialises in travel-related products, consider exploring orange product boxes to inspire the spirit of excitement about outdoor activities.  


This colour evokes feelings of happiness and sunshine. Yellow attracts people as it shows an uplifting spirit and vibrance. Business owners use yellow for their gift boxes if the sender wants to convey happiness to the recipient. Yellow is often used for birthdays.

Due to its cheerful effect on people, yellow would be an excellent brand colour for businesses that sell accessories or trinkets - small things that brighten a person’s day. 


The choice of colours for custom gift boxes in Australia is more than just aesthetic; it's about conveying emotions, and messages, and setting the tone for the recipient's experience. Each colour carries its symbolism and evokes different feelings, allowing businesses to tailor their packaging to suit various occasions and target audiences.

Red, with its association with passion and luxury, is perfect for special events like Valentine's Day. White symbolises purity and simplicity, making it ideal for weddings and new beginnings. Green represents nature, health, and sustainability, making it suitable for wellness products and environmentally-conscious brands. Blue instils calmness and trust, making it great for corporate gifts and subscription boxes. Orange brings fun and excitement, perfect for adventurous or social brands. Yellow embodies happiness and vibrancy, making it a cheerful choice for birthdays and small gifts.

By carefully selecting the right colours for custom gift boxes, businesses can enhance the overall gifting experience, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient and strengthening their brand identity.

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