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DIY Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas and Packaging

May 07, 2024Sean Downs

A popular gift option for Valentine’s Day is to give gift baskets. This is because you can give a little bit of everything to the people you love or customers you cherish. From the business perspective, it’s giving access to your product array so that people will be encouraged to buy. 

However, on the personal side, we know we can make our recipients happy when they receive a gift box that contains things they’re interested in. 

This blog post will help you create an impressive Valentine’s Day gift basket.

Extraordinary DIY Gift Basket Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Gift basket and gift box ideas can be difficult to come up with especially if you’re busy with other aspects of the business. Make remarkable gift baskets for February 14 with these recommendations.

Signature Chocolate Collection

Chocolates?! Again?! We know it may seem like a redundant and unimaginative gift but honestly, it all boils down to what kind of chocolates you give and how you present them. You can include vegan or non-dairy chocolates. There are also unique chocolate combinations like matcha, citrus lavender, and wasabi. If your recipient is adventurous, you can give chocolates that taste way different than it looks. 

In terms of the arrangement, you can organise the chocolates to form a heart, pair of lips, or cupid. 

Rosé or Champagne Kit

These two wines are popular during Valentine’s Day because they are refreshing and light. This is a good gift basket for those who want to drink wine but don’t want heavy flavours. Include some crackers, cheese, pasta ingredients and small flowers to complete the romantic vibe. 

Clean Beauty Necessities

Women have different ways of using makeup. Some women like full coverage while others use minimal products. If your spouse or girlfriend likes to use only three to four beauty products in her beauty routine, you may consider getting her a clean beauty kit consisting of primer, lip gloss, serum foundation, and blusher. 

This shows that you appreciate her style so much that you bought her cosmetic products that match her routine. 

Words of Encouragement Set

Our words are very powerful. It can enhance or destroy someone’s confidence. Help a loved one stay strong through life’s storms by giving them a word of encouragement in a gift box. The affirmation messages will come in a jar and contain short affirmations that they can open daily for one year. You can also include a scented candle and journal pen and notebook.

Beard Care Kit

Men’s beards also need luxurious care especially if they’re working outdoors most of the time. A beard care kit would ideally include beard shampoo, oil, comb, scissors, and brush. It would even be more perfect if these were all packed inside a pouch so they can bring it while travelling. 

Creating Memorable Valentine's Day Gifts with Custom Printed Gift Bags

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NEON eCommerce Packaging’s Self-locking Mailing Boxes

With Neon’s self-locking mailing boxes, you can create gift baskets that are secure and presentable. The self-locking design gives you peace of mind that the contents remain intact during transport. 

Our Kraft brown, white, pastel pink, black, and bright pink mailing boxes are FSC-certified. This means that they are made from responsibly sourced materials and are completely plastic-free. Aside from being environmentally friendly, these boxes are also reusable and can be repurposed to a pen holder or document filer.

You can use our mailing boxes in tandem with our Diamond Protect Hex Wrap, this Kraft wrapping paper has a honeycomb shape that wraps around your items to protect it from shock and friction. 

Another option is to include a greeting card using our customisable A6 note cards available in standard uncoated paper, recycled Kraft paper, or premium textured paper. Aside from printing your heartfelt message, you can also print your brand’s logo or custom images to make it more genuine. 


When it comes to creating memorable Valentine's Day gift baskets, the key lies in thoughtful curation and presentation. Whether you're expressing affection to a loved one or delighting your customers, the contents and packaging of your gift basket should reflect care and consideration. 

From indulgent chocolates to elegant wines, personalised beauty kits to uplifting affirmations, and practical beard care essentials, there's a plethora of options to suit every taste and preference. With NEON eCommerce Packaging's self-locking mailing boxes, you can ensure that your carefully crafted gifts arrive safely and stylishly. So, this Valentine's Day, elevate your gifting game with DIY gift basket ideas that are as impressive as they are heartfelt.

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