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Custom Packaging Trends for Valentine's Day 2024

May 07, 2024Sean Downs

During Valentine’s Day, there is tough competition among businesses to outdo each other in terms of product packaging. This is done through custom boxes and bags that are designed to reflect the brand’s identity. 

While the classic pink and red or cupids and hearts still attract buyers, we still recommend that business owners explore various kinds of packaging designs for special occasions. 

This blog post will talk about the custom packaging trends for Valentine’s Day 2024.

Valentine's Day Packaging Innovations and Ideas for 2024

We know how time-consuming it can be for businesses to plan their packaging designs that will surely stand out in the market. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Colours and shapes

Hearts are not only the shapes that represent Valentine’s. You can use silhouettes of couples, a family holding hands, or cupcakes. The love we celebrate on February 14 is not only for romantic couples. Families and platonic friends can also commemorate the love they share. 


Depending on your business’s target market, your packaging’s design can focus on romantic couples, families, or friendships. You can also play around with colour combinations like black and gold, white and orange, or green and violet. It may seem unconventional but it will be effective in catching the attention of your customers. 

Personalised greetings

If you are using courier services to deliver your products, you can have a big Valentine’s greeting printed on the box or bag. Also, instead of going for the generic happy Valentine’s Day greeting, you can personalise your bag with your customer’s name and a witty one-liner wishing them a meaningful or love-filled Valentine’s. 

Celebration Inspo

If you’re selling homeware, cookware, or special food ingredients, you can print food or table setting inspo on your product packaging to give your customers an idea of how they can spruce up their celebration at home. Of course, you need to include your products in the photo. This makes it easier for customers to see the value of your items and how they can best use them.

Glitter and Sparkles

One packaging design that is effective in making a business stand out is the combination of glitter and sparkles. When done right, it can be very attractive and enticing. You can use glitter and sparkles for boxes that contain jewellery or watches since this kind of design is usually preferred by the ladies. 

Fabric and ribbons

Encourage customers to support sustainability initiatives even while celebrating. You can partner your kraft boxes with fabric, ribbon, or twine. Sometimes, people equate simplicity with sincerity. There are many ways to integrate fabric wrapping into your gift box, for example, Furoshiki. This technique was used in Japan around 710 B.C. to wrap their offerings in temples. 

3-d Pop-ups

The sight of a gift box or bag is enough to make us excited but you can take it one step further by including a pop-up surprise inside. You can look up tutorials on how to create a surprise box. The intention is to engage more with your customers by showing them that you think out of the box to give them an excellent unboxing experience.

NEON Packaging’s Unique Solutions

Apart from our bags and boxes, we have several packing materials that can help your brand have a distinctive mark. 

Custom Branded Acid-free Tissue Paper 

Our customisable acid-free tissue paper is available in white or coloured. You can have one kind of logo or pattern printed on these translucent sheets. It will give your present box an elegant touch while still emphasising your brand and showcasing your products. 

Custom Ribbon

NEON’s non-slip bows can be personalised with your logo. These are satin ribbons that are shiny on one side and matte on the other. Your logo will be printed on the shiny part to make it stand out even when wrapped around the box.

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Get unique prints on each unit of your custom magnetic gift boxes, ask us how!

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As Valentine's Day approaches, businesses have a golden opportunity to captivate customers with unique and innovative packaging designs. While traditional elements like hearts and romantic motifs remain popular, there's a growing trend towards inclusivity, personalisation, and sustainability in packaging choices. 

From vibrant colour combinations to personalised greetings and eco-friendly materials, the possibilities for creating memorable packaging experiences are endless. By embracing creativity and thinking outside the box, businesses can leave a lasting impression on consumers and elevate their brand image during this season of love. 

So, as you prepare for Valentine's Day 2024, remember to infuse your packaging with charm, thoughtfulness, and a touch of sparkle to stand out in the competitive market landscape.

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