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It's that time of year again when holiday plans are finalised, food is being prepared, and last-minute shopping is frantically completed. Gift-giving is a core part of Christmas, and with shoppers consciously going out of their way to make local purchases, this is the perfect time for Australian small businesses to promote their goods and services. 

There is no better way to thank loyal customers for repeat business or release exclusive Christmas products or packs than with customised gift boxes packaging! Adding a personalised gift boxes to your gifts or packaging this holiday season can: 

Help build brand loyalty

  • Giving your customers a unique unboxing experience can motivate them to return later and make additional purchases from your company. Premium Magnetic Boxes that are customised with your company branding creates an experience that is unique to your business, so your customers will be excited to receive more packages from you.
  • remium Magnetic Boxes that are customised for each of your loyal clients or staff members will make them feel important and valuable to your business. Clients will return because the relationship continues to be friendly and mutually beneficial, and staff will be grateful that they work for a company that values them as individuals.
  • Seasonal packaging, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, can elevate your brand and encourage customers to return to see what’s new and relevant for your business. It shows that the company is creative and on-trend while maintaining brand integrity.

Increase the apparent value of products

  • Customised branded packaging inherently increases the apparent value of the products inside. By packaging your products in custom packaging, you’re showing the customer that the product is valuable and will increase the excitement of the unboxing experience.

Enhance the unboxing experience

  • Why do customers make repeat purchases? Aside from the benefits of the products themselves, it’s the quality of the unboxing experience. Physical storefronts often use seasonal packaging, so why not do the same as an online retailer? Give your customers a memorable and seasonal experience, just like they would get at the shops, to keep them coming back again and again!

Spread brand awareness

  • Customers love to share their experiences on social media, so give them something positive to talk about! A unique or consistently branded package that’s made with premium materials is perfect to photograph and share online or with friends and family. Word of mouth recommendations can be vital for small businesses, so every positive experience shared is a win for your business!

Why do custom gift boxes make fantastic presents and offers during Christmas?

Gift giving at Christmas is a widespread tradition. It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for each person, so why not get custom gift boxes in Australia? customising each box with a name or in-joke can really show how important your loved ones are, while also giving them an elegant storage box and reducing the stress of finding unique items.

These custom boxes can be filled hamper-style with treats for a premium-style gift that’s easy to assemble and will still make an emotional connection to the recipient. The sturdy boxes will protect the goods inside so they can be transported to Christmas lunch with the family and used again and again for day-to-day storage.

Need some ideas for custom packaging?

Now that we’ve established the benefits of custom packaging, here are some ideas for packaging that you can get customised this Christmas:

Premium Magnetic Boxes

  • Our premium magnetic can be printed on both the outside and inside of the main flap on the lid, and each individual box in your order can be individually customised so all recipients will feel the love! Their sturdy construction ensures that they can be used again and again for storage.

Acid-Free Tissue Paper

  • Now you have beautiful custom boxes, why not go one step further with customised acid-free tissue paper! Your branding or custom pattern can be repeated on each sheet to really elevate the gifting experience. This environmentally friendly tissue paper can be used as wrapping paper or stuffed into a gift bag to conceal the gift inside while still giving a premium feel.

100% Recyclable Premium Paper Gift Bags

  • Are boxes not your thing? Try these premium paper gift bags instead! Each bag is fitted with a super comfortable 100% woven paper handle and comes in three sizes. These bags can be printed on one or both sides with your branding or message to give that unique gifting experience. When finished, these bags can be reused or recycled with no need to remove the handles!

Satin Ribbon

  • Now for a special touch! Ribbon! Get your brand logo or pattern custom printed onto satin ribbon to give that finished look to your gifts! Wrapped around a tissue-paper wrapped gift or around the handles of a gift bag to attach a tag, this ribbon is the perfect finishing touch. Single colour and CMYK printing is available so you can have the best match for your branding!

A6 Note Cards

  • No gift is complete without a card! A well designed not of appreciation to your customers, clients, partners, or friends and family can be the personal touch that makes your gift feel truly special. With your company branding on one side and a heart-felt note on the other, your company is bound to stand out from all the rest!

Where to buy custom packaging this Christmas?

NEON eCommerce is here to help you with your customised packaging needs. Whether you are a business owner looking for the best gift boxes in Australia and other packaging options for your products, or an individual who wants to make your gift-giving memorable, NEON eCommerce Packaging can provide you with a wide range of packaging solutions.

Contact us today and let us help you create that special festive unboxing experience this Christmas season.

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