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Love is in the air: Celebrating Valentine's Day in Australia

Jan 18, 2023Sean Downs

Valentine’s day is celebrated all over the world, with gifts being exchanged and fancy dinners attended. Australians love to celebrate Valentine’s day, though it’s not an official public holiday; the day of love is business as usual throughout the day with celebrations taking place after work or school. Although primarily used to celebrate romantic love, many take the opportunity to celebrate the other kinds of love with friends and family.

The Tradition

white magnetic gift box with a rose
Aussies love to do everything in style, and love is not an exception. We celebrate Valentine's Day with enthusiasm by showering loved ones with extravagant cards, dinners, flowers, and gifts. Much time is spent picking out the perfect card design that matches the wrapping paper for the gift, that also matches the flowers that are delivered to the sweetheart’s workplace earlier in the day. Aussies take the opportunity to show their love to that special someone throughout the whole day.

Gifts For Her

pink self locking mailing box for them

Not sure what to get for your lady Valentine? Here are our top suggestions!

  • Flowers are the obvious first choice of gift for your special lady. The red rose is the classic symbol of love, however if you want to make your Valentine’s bouquet a little more unique this year, we suggest adding tulips to express your partner’s perfection, carnations for how unique she is, and peonies for her beauty and elegance.
  • No Valentine’s gift is complete without a card! Select a card with a simple, elegant design that you can write your heartfelt message in. This message should be unique to her and show your love and appreciation for your Valentine.
  • Homemade gift hampers are a great gift to show that you know your Valentine well! A fancy box or basket filled with her favourite snacks and sweets is the perfect way to show your love. Fill the box with tissue paper for a more luxurious effect!

Gifts For Him

brown gift box for him

Not sure what to get him? Try these! 

  • Flowers! Nowdays, it’s becoming more and more common for men to receive flowers. Try a bouquet of Australian Native Flowers or a blue and yellow colour scheme for a more masculine look.
  • A heartfelt card will surely be appreciated by your Valentine. Minimalist designs are a trendy selection and combined with a beautiful message you will definitely give him a memorable Valentine’s Day.
  • A DIY Gift Hamper filled with his favourite snacks, sweets, or hobby paraphernalia is a unique way of making him feel special! Bonus points will be awarded if the container you use to make the hamper can be used again for something practical, like storage for the items you purchased for him.

Boxes for Hampers

pink mailing boxes with roses for hampers

So, hampers are a great way to how those closest to you that you’ve been paying attention to their likes and dislikes throughout the year, but what kind of box should you use? There are so many options available, but we have a few suggestions:

  • Self-Locking Mailing Boxes: These boxes are strong, sturdy, and won’t accidentally open in transit. They will keep the contents of your gift box safe and sound and can be reused time and time again.
  • Premium Magnetic boxes: these boxes will make the perfect premium magnetic gift box for your significant other. The magnetic closure and luxe semi-matte finish give the boxes a premium feel, while still strong enough to protect the items inside.
  • Custom Premium Magnetic boxes: what better way to show your loved ones that you love them than with custom packaging? Best ordered in larger quantities, you can give those closest to you a really special experience with our gift boxes customised with their name.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

pastel pink mailing boxes as gift box

Need some ideas for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner this year? We have a few suggestions:

  • Make reservations at a fancy restaurant to celebrate the evening in public 
  • Plan a romantic dinner at home to make the evening more intimate 
  • Go to the movies after dinner, or watch one at home with a fancy dessert 
  • Plan a fun activity to have an experience together, such as a trip to the aquarium, mini-golf, or a cruise around the harbour 
  • Create a coupon book that your loved one can use beyond Valentine’s Day to go with their special gift of the day 
  • Stash notes or clues about your plans for the day around the house for your significant other to find throughout the day or week before Valentine’s Day

Celebrate with Friends, Family, or On Your Own

roses petals in the hands for valentines

Some people tend to think that Valentine’s Day is only for couples and people in a relationship, but this day can also be a day for you to reconnect with yourself or your friends and family. Here are our top ideas for a non-traditional Valentine’s Day:

  • Host a themed dinner! Friends and family can dress up according to a theme you set, such as a first date outfit from the 90s
  • Host a potluck dinner where everyone brings a themed dish, such as 70s prom food
  • Enjoy a night at home playing card or board games with friends or family
  • Spa Day! Book the day off work and treat yourself to a fancy treatment pack, you deserve it!
  • Participate in an activity you’ve been putting off! Treat yourself to a day off work to finally get around to that activity you’ve been meaning to do! Perhaps find a yoga class to attend, or finally try that bush walk that your friend told you about months ago!
  • Home selfcare night! Take the time to run a nice bath, get into your favourite pj’s, make or order your favourite dinner, and enjoy a nice quiet night at home
  • Purchase a little gift for yourself, something that you don’t need but will make you happy


heart felt letter still the best to give this valentines

The true meaning of Valentine’s Day is to spread some love, whether this love be romantic, platonic, or familial. It’s important to take some time to appreciate the special people in your life and show them how much they mean to you. With all these fantastic ideas, you’re bound to create an experience that will be remembered for years to come. Have a happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at the NEON eCommerce Packaging team!

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