Unwrapping the Magic: Custom Christmas Gift Boxes in Sydney

As we approach the Christmas season of 2023, it's that time of year when we share heartfelt moments with our loved ones through the act of gifting. In this blog, we'll explore the how personalised gift boxes can make your festive season extra special. Sydney offers a unique array of options to cater to your gifting needs from sourcing the perfect gift box to finding meaningful gifts for your loved ones. 

The Tradition of Christmas Gifting

The idea of gift-giving during this holiday occasion has deep historical roots, with the practice of exchanging gifts dating back to biblical times. Over time, this act of generosity has evolved, becoming an important part of the holiday season. The art of gift-giving has also evolved significantly. While traditional wrapping paper remains a popular choice for gift presentation, there are various alternatives that can be explored, including customised boxes that can give your presents a unique touch. 

Types Of Custom Printed Gift Boxes In Sydney

In Sydney, there is a wide range of materials and design options to choose for your Christmas gift boxes. Here are some commonly used types of gift boxes that can be personalised: 


Printed Premium Magnetic Gift Boxes: These premium boxes are often chosen for a luxurious personalised gift-giving experience. They are made from rigid cardboard with a semi-matte coated finish and come in various sizes and colours. You can easily print personalised messages or designs on them. 

Printed Self-Locking Mailing Boxes: An eco-friendly and cost-effective choice, these cardboard boxes serve well for both mailing and gift-giving purposes. They come in different sizes and colours and can be easily printed with full colour ink. You can create your gift box with these recyclable cardboard boxes, available in Sydney from suppliers like NEON eCommerce Packaging.

Customisation Options

One way to make your presents extra special is by personalising your gift boxes to suit the gift. There are a range of customisation options available, such as:

Box Colour: Customising the colour of your box, in a range of materials such as coated cardboard and paperboard.

Size: Customising the size of your gift box is an option; you can customise your gift box in a range of materials to a size that best suits your gifts.

Design: Creating a custom gift box design is simple with tools such as Canva. You can make the perfect design to be digitally printed directly onto your gift box.

Message: Add a custom message on the inside lid of your gift box. It will be a pleasant surprise when the gift is opened and will be far more memorable than a card!

Where To Find Custom Gift Box Services In Sydney

If you're unsure where to start your search for personalised gift boxes in Sydney, NEON eCommerce Packaging can assist you in creating your gift boxes with a wide range of gift boxes and hassle-free printing services. NEON also provides other finishing touches, such as custom printed tissue paper and satin ribbon, to elevate your gifting.

A Touch of Sydney in Every Gift

Now that we've explored how to customise your gift box and where to find the perfect gift box in Sydney, let's consider where you can find the ideal gifts to place inside these personalised gift boxes. Sydney has a fantastic shopping scene, where you will be sure to find the perfect presents for friends and family. If you're not sure where to start, Sydney’s major department stores such as David Jones, Myer, and Westfields, can be a great place to begin. Each of these stores houses many different retailers where you can find the perfect gift!

If you are looking to focus on gifts sourced from local artists and artisans in Sydney, check out the following locations for the best in local goods:

Paddington Markets: On every Saturday in Paddington, Sydney. Hosting a wide range of artists and artisans selling everything from food to fashion and jewellery.

The Rocks: On every weekend from Saturday to Sunday, this market strip has a wide range of talented artisans selling jewellery, fashion, and textiles located in The Rocks, Sydney.

Paddy's Markets: Open from Wednesday to Sunday each week, Paddy’s Market is one of Sydney's busiest markets! This market is great for stocking filler trinkets, electronics, fashion, and more! Located on George Street, Sydney.

Be sure to check opening hours during the holidays as times may vary!


In conclusion, custom Christmas gift boxes in Sydney provide a heartfelt way to personalise your holiday gifting. The personalised gift boxes trend is on the rise, and NEON eCommerce Packaging can help you with hassle-free customisation! Sydney's diverse shopping scene offers a wide range of gifts to fill these boxes, ensuring that you can create the perfect Christmas gift boxes to make your holiday season truly special.

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