Sean Downs - Owner

SEAN DOWNS NEON eCommerce Packaging Company Owner

Sean Downs

Head Honcho and Sales Specialist

Sean, our head honcho and fantastic customer-focused packaging sales specialist, describes himself as a “plain old battler” who started his first print and packaging business at the age of 22.

Since then, he has developed a large national client base and global supply chain, and made his mark on the industry in Australia.

People inspire Sean: good, honest, funny, life-loving people who enjoy every day to the best and the fullest.

People and their businesses are his passion: he can quickly grasp customers’ packaging requirements in a fast and evolving marketplace, helping NEON to deliver innovative and personalised solutions.

A strong knowledge of the manufacturing process for packaging eCommerce products helps too—to put it briefly, Sean understands everything about designing and delivering packaging solutions.

On those days in the workshop when he thinks nobody’s around, you might catch Sean singing “It’s a Beautiful Day” by U2.

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