Going Green: The Rise of Paper Bags in Sustainable Fashion


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Kraft Paper Bags With Handles

Are you tired of using plastic bags at your stall or shop and are looking for a more sustainable option? If so, you’re in the right place to learn about the benefits that paper bags can provide for you as an individual, small business, and for the planet.

Giving your customers a fantastic experience is essential, whether you’re running a stall at a market or a larger store in a shopping centre. Good shopping bags make your customers feel secure carrying their purchases, and nowadays good standard shopping bags are always made of paper.

High quality and customised bags can really help your business stand out, so come and find out what all the benefits are of using it!

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Woven paper handles make these bags 100% recyclable and super comfortable to hold! Check out the collection now!

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Qualities of Kraft Paper

Since the implementation of these environment-friendly alternatives, the production of plastic waste has deteriorated, and people have become greener with their purchases. Just like plastic packaging, they are sturdy enough to carry large and heavy products.

They are often made with kraft paper, which is produced with pulped wood chips to create a strong, unbleached paper. While kraft paper on its own is strong enough to create a serviceable bag, it’s not uncommon for bags to be built with several layers. The paper, even when layered, is strong enough to carry groceries and other shopping, while being light enough not to add additional strain when being carried.

Kraft paper is common in large manufacturers around the globe. But why is it becoming so popular?

1. Kraft paper is strong and coarse, which makes it tear resistant. This makes it less likely to break when in use, like single-use plastic bags.
2. Kraft paper is versatile, so it can be useful to many different audiences or consumers. The low cost and high strength of the paper makes it an attractive solution to businesses of all sizes. It can be reused or recycled! This reduces their environmental impact.
3. They can be found easily in many sizes and colours, to suit any number of products, such as glassware, clothing, groceries, gifts, and many more.

Kraft Paper or plastic bags; which is better?

For decades, the use of plastic bags has taken a toll on our environment. Almost every year, there have been reports of massive plastic waste causing severe environmental pollution and this reason alone explains the need to find a more sustainable solution. Far more eco-friendly solution than plastic bags for shopping and transporting goods.

Biodegradable: which means they will break down completely in soil over the span between 2-6 weeks without harming the environment. Plastic bags can take hundreds or even thousands of years to break down, which is harmful to the environment.

Recyclable: The process of recycling paper is much safer than plastic because there are fewer harmful gasses and chemicals produced and used. This reduction of pollution is an additional benefit to paper over plastic.

Not only are healthier for the environment than plastic, they’re also extremely fashionable. Big brands are jumping on board the sustainability trend with branded paper bags that are just as study as the old plastic.

With so many sizes and customisation options there’s no better way to advertise your brand, give the impression of luxury, and make a better choice for the environment. They don’t wrinkle in the same way that plastic bags do, which makes it easier to show off your branding. The rectangular shape also offers more internal space to hold more items and the kraft paper is strong enough to hold the heavier weight.

In a recent survey, a whopping 90% of people gave a thumbs-up to using it. In this research, 79% of respondents reportedly said that holding and touching paper products make them feel good. Additionally, 93% of people in European countries stated that they support using it because they are more sustainable and should be utilised more often for packaging. More and more supermarkets worldwide have agreed to use paper for their grocery packaging.

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Are Wholesale paper bags a part of a sustainable future?

When talking about environmentally friendly practices, paper is the far better option than plastic.

If used correctly and consistently, they can create a sustainable future. Because paper is made from renewable, reusable, and recyclable materials, it is a better decision for the environment than using plastic. Paper is becoming more and more affordable and is easily customised to suit brands of all sizes.

Paper will play an essential part in creating a sustainable future as we move away from single-use plastics.

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How can fashion gift bags boost your business?

When talking about environmentally friendly practices, paper is the far better option than plastic.

If used correctly and consistently, they can create a sustainable future. Because paper is made from renewable, reusable, and recyclable materials, it is a better decision for the environment than using plastic. Paper is becoming more and more affordable and is easily customised to suit brands of all sizes.

Paper will play an essential part in creating a sustainable future as we move away from single-use plastics.

1. Show your brand’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact

Customers are known to appreciate companies that have commitments to reducing their environmental impact. They are instantly recognisable as the eco-friendly choice and will attract new customers to your business.

2. Boost brand awareness

Why not add your company logo to your bags? It’s an affordable way to advertise your shop or stall to others outside of social media or traditional advertising. A snazzy bag that can catch the attention of other shoppers is a great way to encourage new customers, so it’s worth making the switch to trendy and eco-friendly bags.

3. Reduce packaging costs
Custom paper bags are more affordable than custom plastic, so it makes good business sense to make the switch. Because they are easy to print, the cost is lower than expensive plastic bags. With all the colours of the rainbow available at low cost, why wouldn’t you jump on the opportunity to have fashionable and eco-friendly bags for your business?

Types of Paper Bags for your Business

Now the benefits of White paper bags vs plastic have been explored, check out all the options available!

Kraft Bags
Available in both white and brown, these wholesale Kraft Paper Bags with twisted paper handles are one of the most common bags that are available. Constructed from brown Kraft paper with side gussets and a flat bottom that’s reinforced with a sheet of paper, these bags are sturdy enough to be reused many times. They are easily recycled and are the most affordable and can also be customised with your company branding.

These Deluxe Paper gift bags with woven rope handles are available in both black and white. They are sturdier than regular kraft bags and have a more premium look and feel. Though most of the bag is made with paper, the rope handles must be removed before recycling. These deluxe bags can be custom printed with your company branding.

Our Premium gift bags with woven paper handles are the most high-end option available. They are 100% recyclable and are the strongest of the bags at NEON eCommerce Packaging. The pinch bottom is reinforced with a piece of paper, and the strong, wide paper handles ensure that heavy goods can be carried with ease and in comfort. These premium bags can be customised easily to suit your company branding.

Creative Paper Bags Ideas

Bet you’ve never thought about reusing your it for these!

Gift Bags - flattened or deconstructed bags can be used as gift wrap.

Packaging Material - Wedge bunched brown paper bags around fragile and breakable items to ship and store them safely.

Take-Out Bags - Reuse as your own take-out bags in the store or grocery.

Make Gift Tags - can easily be cut in any shape and turned into custom gift tags.

Christmas Decoration - Long strips of paper can be rolled into thin ropes and wrapped around wreath forms. Add a few DIY paper roses, and you’ve got a farmhouse-inspired, up-cycled door hanging!

Kraft Table Protection - Spread a bag or two under your crafty projects to keep all your spray paint, glitter, and hot glue off your table.

Scrap Paper – Cut small rectangles out of your paper bags for a place to jot down notes and lists.

Make Easter Bunny - While reusing bags is a good idea, it may not be enough to keep the kids occupied for an entire afternoon. So why not try our simple Easter craft with the kids and achieve two things at once!

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Creative ideas for Custom Designs

Creating unique designs on your paper gift bags can really help them stand out, here are our favourite ideas!

Add Your Logo – The simplest option is to add your company logo ad website. Simple, stylish, and free extra advertising around the shops or market!

Add a pattern - A fun or intricate pattern that matches your company branding can make your it stand out

Create a design that interacts with the handles – For example, if you sell shoes, you could design it in away that will make their handles look like shoelaces. Use your imagination to create an interactive design that will catch people’s attention and make them smile!

Holiday or seasonal variations - Creating a holiday design can allow you to have some fun with it, but it’s also a great way to advertise your business. If you add a beautiful, festive Christmas design to your promotional bags during the holiday season, your customers might want to reuse them to wrap the presents they give to their friends and family.

Where to buy kraft paper bags in Australia?

NEON eCommerce Packaging is one of Australia’s leading service providers for mailing boxes, premium packages, and quality brown paper bags with handles.

NEON offers the finest White kraft bags, great for retail, gifting, shopping, market stalls, take away bags, and more! Our cost-effective retail paper bag packaging solution is enough to replace plastic shopping bags for a more sustainable and renewable purchase.

White Kraft Paper bags

NEON eCommerce Packaging

Help your brand achieve authority and reputation in the industry. As you take advantage of the broad offer we have with our premium magnetic boxes, you will not only expand your business but also get your customer’s trust at an optimal level because of providing them with the best unboxing experience.

For more information, contact us on our phone number 1300 531 930. You may also set an appointment with us to learn more about what we offer. Shop with us today!

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How paper bags are eco friendly?

Paper bags are entirely recyclable as they lack the toxic and harmful emissions produced by plastic bags during the recycling process. Their reusability further reduces their ecological impact, with bags used more than three times exhibiting significantly lower environmental effects compared to plastic bags.

Do paper bags decompose faster than plastic?

Despite its limited durability, paper can decompose more rapidly than plastic. Consequently, it is less prone to becoming litter and threatening wildlife. Additionally, paper is more extensively recyclable, whereas plastic bags may take 400 to 1,000 years to break down.

Where can you buy bulk paper bags in Ingleburn Australia?

In Ingleburn, Australia, NEON Packaging is your go-to destination for acquiring bulk paper bags. With a variety of options available, you can choose the paper bags that best suit your needs. Simply visit us and explore extensive selection and make your bulk purchase of paper bags.