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Paper Bags for Any Occasion

Feb 10, 2023Sean Downs

Why Paper Bags?

Many people today prefer to use paper bags instead of plastic because of the reduced impact on the environment, however there are many other benefits to choosing paper over plastic. If you’re interested in discovering why you should choose paper bags instead of plastic, including how they can be customised for any occasion, keep reading! We’ll answer all your questions!

Strength & Environmental Impact

Brown paper bags with hadles

When choosing bags for your business, it’s important to consider both the environmental impact caused by the creation and disposal of the bag, and the strength of the final product.

Paper bags are now usually made from sustainable sources, so the natural environment is not impacted as much. The process used to manufacture paper bags uses less environmentally damaging chemicals to process the raw materials than the ones used to create plastic bags. This means that emissions are less damaging, and that the final product can be recycled without the need for more damaging chemicals and emissions.

You may think that because paper bags are recyclable, they won’t have the structural integrity or overall strength to hold your items. This is a valid concern, however paper bags come in a variety of grades to ensure that your products can be transported safely:

  • Kraft Paper Bags: These bags come in brown and white and are the entry level paper bag. 100% recyclable, they come in a huge range of sizes so you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your products. The smaller bags are perfect for small household goods and groceries, and the larger bags are perfect for medium kitchen appliances and bedroom linens.
  • Deluxe Paper Bags: These bags are the middle grade paper bag and are recyclable when the rope handle is removed. They are sturdier than the kraft paper bags while also giving a more premium look at little extra cost.
  • Premium Paper Bags: These bags are the strongest available and have the most premium look. The woven paper handles are soft to the touch while still being super strong. The base of these bags are reinforced with an additional sheet of cardboard for extra strength, which makes them perfect for heavier items.

Paper bags for Any Occasion: Personal

Brown paper bags with handles

They are strong and affordable while having a smaller environmental impact than plastic bags, but what should you use them for? There are many instances in your day-to-day life that call for transporting items from place to place or gifting, so why not consider a custom bag? Customising it is affordable and can add that little something extra that will help your business or gift stand out.

Have you considered paper bags for:

  • Hen’s or Buck’s night gifts: What better way to thank your bridesmaids or groomsmen for helping you celebrate your upcoming wedding than with a personalised gift back of goodies. A custom bag for each guest is bound to make them feel special and help to heighten excitement for the event, and act as a sweet keepsake to remember the day with.
  • Wedding take-home gifts: Custom printed can be an amazing way to hand out gifts to friends and family for many occasions. Weddings are a perfect example! Versatile printing means you can print the perfect design that matches the theme of your wedding, such as a simple ‘thank you for coming’ note in a fancy font, a continuous line drawing of you and your spouse, or a simple illustration of the bride’s bouquet. Pair this with a thoughtful take-home gift, such as boutique sugared almonds, candles, or a little homemade treat, will surely have your guests leaving happy and feeling appreciated.
  • Valentine’s Day: With Valentine’s Day coming up, why not take the opportunity to get some custom bags for your friends to celebrate together? A cute way to deliver gifts both to friends and family and to that special someone.
  • Mother’s Day: Before you know it, it will be Mother’s Day again! Try changing up your gift-wrapping methods by using all sustainable materials, such as recycled paper or cloth as gift wrapping, instead of plastic-coated paper gift bags from the dollar shop.

At Neon eCommerce Packaging, we offer customisation on all our paper bags, as well as premium magnetic boxes, ribbon, tissue paper, and more! Ask us how!

Paper bags for Any Occasion: Business

white and brown paper bags

If you run a business of any size and have a shopfront or stall, you know that customers expect a bag the perfect size for their items. With the variety of sizes available and affordable price point, may be the solution for you!

They will instantly communicate to your customers that you are conscious of your environmental impact, and customisation will help to advertise your business. It’s the little details that keep customers returning and referring your business to their friends and family. If it matches the branding on your website and social media channels, your company is more likely to be remembered.

Paper bags for Any Occasion: Events and Conferences

customisable black paper bag with woven handle

If you regularly attend big corporate conferences, you will have noticed the reduction or absence of plastic bags. Since they have become more accessible in large scale, they have become the preferred format to supply resources to attendees.

A successful event relies on more than just interesting speakers and good food; the branding of the event is important, as well as ensuring that the attendees leave with new knowledge and feeling like they were appreciated. Customised bags are a great way to tie in the branding of the event and help create a memorable experience while also demonstrating your commitment to sustainability in a subtle, yet remarkable way.

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Conclusion & Where to Buy Wholesale Paper Bags in Australia

White paper gift bag with woven handle

They are a fantastic way to show that your business or event, whether personal or professional, is conscious of its environmental impact. Customisation makes it easy to either show your appreciation or elevate your company’s branding.

Buying wholesale paper bags in Australia is easy! NEON eCommerce Packaging is here to help your with all your sustainable paper bag needs! With low minimum order quantities, they are accessible to businesses of all sizes, whether you need simple plain bags, or premium paper bags with high-quality custom printing, we have you covered!

If you need any packaging related advice, or have any further questions about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to hear from you!

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